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Experience vs Expertise SM

Writing about Experience vs Expertise

EXPERIENCE VS EXPERTISE - WHICH SHOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT? When people have been on a transformational journey, experienced loss and suffering and have come through it all with strength and a new awareness and now they want to write their ‘story’ as a book full of guidance to help other’s [...]
A little Mistake Better not made

A Little Mistake better not Made

Are You making this Little Mistake? How this little Mistake can cost you big and why writing a book can fix it: There are some coaches thinking about lowering their high ticket price point or re-arranging their offers and charging less because they are not getting new clients. But PRICE [...]
Stop hesitating

Stop hesitating to write

Here is the Biggest Danger you Face, when you Hesitate... STOP hesitating to write your book because... Here is the biggest danger you face, when you hesitate and think you are not quite ready yet to write your book…you wait and wait and wait… … until someone else in your [...]
Still no book in sight

Still no Book

Still No Book in Sight! $13,000 and 8 months later still no book in sight .... She came to me, an utter mess! Desperate to deliver on promises she had made to clients, frustrated that her money was lost, she had entered into a water-tight contract! She had already put [...]
Here is A Major Reason why People who write about their Passion get stuck

Writing about your Passion

Why People Who Write about their Passion get Stuck Here’s a major reason why people who are writing… … a book about their passion and simply start writing, get stuck. When you are so focused on your passion and ‘want to help people’ it is easy to forget to ask: [...]
One Reason People get Stuck Writing

Getting Stuck

One Reason People Get Stuck Writing their Book One reason people start writing a Book and then get stuck is when they feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the detailed information they want to put into the book. Like someone recently said: “I had so much stuff in my head [...]
I'm having a Problem

I’m having a Problem

I'm having a Problem getting Traction with my Book I got an email that started: “I’m having a problem getting traction with my book” What that usually means is, there are not the sales the person had hoped for. And yes, that was mentioned in the very next sentence in [...]
Write a Book to get Clients

Book to get Clients

Write a Book to get Clients Here is what you need to know if you are in business and thinking of writing a Book to get Clients: Simply putting calls to action throughout the book like: ‘Go to my website for more’, or ‘Contact me here’, or maybe “Grab my [...]