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About Writing Spammy Sounding Posts

About Writing Spammy Sounding Posts

Are you writing ‘spammy’ sounding posts?

Most people don’t think they are and that is because they are NOT aware of what sort of ‘images’ their words raise in the readers mind and here is what I mean by that:

You might think that describing what you do and what you offer is the way for people reading it to get to know you.

Next, you might (and I see a lot of people do this!) offer a list of ‘tips’ on what to do or not to do and you might consider that to be ‘value’ to your reader and therefore you might expect they follow your call to action, something like this: ‘A good starting point is a chat with me’, or maybe: ‘Contact me for a discovery call’ –

The QUESTION your reader has: WHAT are they going to discover in a call with you?

…because you did not give any details or examples of your work but you merely described an area of what you do and offered some tips (often those tips can be found with a bit of ‘googling’ anywhere online these days!)

Here is a very simple example of a way to ‘build’ your list of prospects by inviting them to receive your emails:

A lot of people say something like this: “Who wants to join my newsletter” and are disappointed when NO ONE signs up!

A better way would be to say something like this:

“This is an invitation to receive weekly emails from me. These emails are mainly detailed case studies, social media posts that got a lot of interest and me interviewing people who would offer interesting insights on topics relevant to my clients and prospects. If that sounds like you, sign up here.”

Can you see how that creates images in the readers mind as to what exactly they are getting from you? (…this is something I talk about and teach clients who write their book with me and is one part of what makes my book writing method so unique!)

Now convert that into writing your posts about your programs and your offers with more descriptive detail.
(Clients of mine find that very easy, once they’ve written their book in this style!)

I hope this helps.

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