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Should you use a Ghost Writer

Should you use a Ghost Writer – Yes or No?

If you’re trying to figure out how you could finally get that book written, that’s been on your mind for some time now and the people around you keep telling you, you should write a book because sharing your expertise and that successful way you’re helping clients with needs to be told and then it strikes you: ‘YES, I could use a ghost writer!?’

Let me tell you, here is why you WON’T need a ghost writer to help you write your book:

Often successful coaches, consultants and other experts like the idea of writing a book. It seems such a good idea to show yourself and others that you have expertise, that the outcomes you achieve with clients are unique and a book would give your method further credibility and validation.
…but writing a book takes so much time, you think!

A lot of people think TIME is a major factor you need for writing a book. You’ve seen the ‘movies’ about that ‘famous’ writer who jets off to a secluded island for months to write that novel and is chased by their publisher to finally finish that book, thinking, ‘Yes, that is me, I would NOT have time to get away and write!’

Well, that’s the movies, and that’s NOT reality!

Firstly, writing a book about your expertise requires a very different approach to writing than a fiction novel or a crime drama and here is what I mean by that…

Writing a fiction novel or crime drama require ‘thinking up’ a storyline. The characters need to be ‘invented’ and what role each character is to play, needs to be thought out.

In YOUR book, you are the character – you are going to write about what you know, what method you apply to achieve successful outcomes for your clients and your clients, or at least their outcomes, feature in your book.

You already know the topic of your book inside out because you use it every day, the problem you face is NOT that you have to ‘invent’ anything and ‘make up a story’ BUT that you need a simple, straight forward method and framework to put what you know into a book in a meaningful and readable way.

When clients work with me, writing their book, they are always amazed how fast and simple it is to fill each chapter of their book because we start with a deep dive questioning process.

I ask questions like: What outcome do you want the book to achieve for you?

When my clients answer my questions, they feel comfortable because they have an answer to every question, it’s their expertise, and that puts them at ease and assures them that they DO have what it takes to write and fill a book.

(Sometimes people doubt they have ‘enough’ to say for a whole book but you’ll be surprised how much you do know when I ask you my questions!)

You see, a ghost writer cannot answer questions about your expertise. A ghost writer might be able to write in your ‘style’ but the expertise only YOU bring to your clients and to your book!

Secondly, as a business owner you work to a plan. Your days and your work with clients is mapped out and scheduled and that is how you achieve your successful client outcomes.

Writing a book requires exactly that: a plan!

And a plan is always created BEFORE you start the work and for a book this is what it looks like:

When already successful coaches want to write a book, they often think the writing itself is most important and they have ‘so much’ in their head to write about, they can’t think of what to start with, but the truth is, your reader does not want to read about ‘everything’ you know.

The reader of YOUR book wants to know enough about you so they feel comfortable with who you are and feel they can trust you and then they want to read about what you know, your expertise, and specifically how you help your clients and in what way that is different to other coaches.

Clients who work with me start this process with getting clear on WHAT they want to achieve with their book and what you want to achieve always has marketing YOU and the book as part of it.

For example, when I wrote my second book, I wanted to attract clients who would see the benefit in working with my agency long term, at least twelve months. Being clear on that allowed me to know WHO exactly I’d had to attract and where I would find them.

For me that were local businesses with a turnover size similar to what I had experience with from my own previous local businesses (a Diamond Jewellery Shop and an Office Supplies Business)

With that in mind, I could plan out the marketing that I would need to attract these businesses and where I would share and talk about my book, and that was at networking events, to the local newspaper media and organisations like Chamber of Commerce, for example.

The exciting thing is, when clients come to get my help, they get my super simplified writing, publishing and marketing process as a complete, start to end, program, nothing is left out.

People who use a ghost writer ONLY get the writing, then they have to go looking for all the other parts that go into the writing, publishing and marketing of a book.

My program is a good fit for coaches and other experts who are already earning 5k-10k+/mo from their business and would like to create more ‘buzz’ for themselves, their business and attract clients that are pre-warmed as a result of their book AND want to get the entire writing and publishing process DONE in the shortest time possible: 6-Weeks

If that sounds like you, simply PM me and we’ll see if this is a good fit.

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