Impact & Inspire with a Book


1. I want to write a Book, where do I start? 

Start with asking yourself: Why do I want to write a book? What do I want to achieve with the book? What do I want the book to do for me?

It is easy to come up with a book idea specially when people have overcome difficult circumstances and they think that’s something to share with others. If that’s your idea, put it on hold.

Here are two important Videos to watch before you start writing:

2. I believe I have a story that resonates with many people in society, shall I write a book?

How do you know that your ‘story’ will resonate with many people in society? Any project requires research. Start with researching who has already written about your or a similar ‘story’.

You do this by asking ‘Google’, you search on Amazon, you ask questions in social media if people know of a book on that topic etc but do NOT say that you want to write a book, instead ask if such a book already exists.

The best ‘story’ will not sell itself unless you are already well known. The best way forward with a ‘story’ is to have an offer attached to it and by that I mean that you might ‘coach’ or ‘teach’ on what the outcome or ‘moral’ of the story is. You might create a presentation and go on the ‘speaking’ circuit where your book might be the ‘offer’.

It all starts with research – read this post and watch the Video for more details: Click HERE

3. I have so much to say, I don’t know where to begin?

What exactly do you have to say? Is it to do with your business? Then start with getting clear on what exactly you’d like to write the book for. What outcome do you expect to achieve with your book?

Watch this Video first:

While the writing of a book as such is pretty ‘simple’ the overall context of what exactly your book is to do for you is much more complex, Without a clear outcome you can write BUT you will NOT be able to market your business.

Check out the short Video and my Writing Framework Formula for the steps to write Click Here

4. I’ve finished my book, how do I set up a successful book launch? 

Clients who wrote their book with my method and framework will not ask this question because they set up their launch as they wrote the book, described in my framework formula HERE

If that is not what you did, in order to launch your book you best look at WHO you wrote the book for. Where are these people? How would they like to know about your book? An Online Event?

You will need to set up a launch campaign and the details will be specific to who you wrote the book for, where you can reach those people and then you need to promote the launch by highlighting the benefits those people will gain by reading your book.

It will be best to set up a complete marketing strategy before you launch and if you’d like my help with that, click here

5. Get a Publisher or Self Publish my Book, which is better?

Here is a blog post and a short Video that will answer this question in detail: Click Here

It is also a good idea to read this blog post which explains where the idea of ‘needing’ to have a publisher comes from and why it seems to be held on to by some to this day: Click Here

6. How do I publish on Amazon?

Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in the US and the site launched on July 16, 1995 as a website that only sold books and has expanded into selling almost everything.

With security and technology constantly changing, Amazon keeps up with it and therefore keeps making it simpler and simpler to use and for every person who wishes to, to publish their book on a global scale.

You simply start by setting up your Amazon KDP account. All further publishing details are found by asking ‘Google’ and the exact details of the publishing steps are detailed inside your KDP account.

While it is as simple as that, clients of mine, of course, get whatever the most up to date details are and we discuss what exactly the client needs in regards to their book’s ISBN (the International book recognition number), what book categories they need to set up and how to set up and maximize their Author Profile, for example. Just like anything online, it’s constantly evolving.

I’ve shared the simple Framework Formula of my Program HERE

…and my Invitation to Work with me Statement is HERE

7. How do I make my Book work for me?

Great question and the very first one clients of mine work out BEFORE they start writing their first word.

The ‘outcome in mind’ Video will give you an insight into this here:

…and then you might like to read this blog post for more details on answering this question HERE

It is extremely difficult, time and money consuming to ‘make a book work’ for you when you did not write it with an outcome in mind because you now need to figure out HOW you are going to ‘angle’ any promotions and campaigns to make the book visible to the reader you had in mind and here it becomes even more difficult for people who did not have a specific reader for their book in mind.

Are you keen to make your book work for you? I invite you to a private strategy session HERE