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Stop asking others about your book title

STOP asking People their Opinion about your Book Title

When people who are writing a book for their business to show their expertise and share their knowledge go asking on FB: “Which of these book titles do you like best?”

…they have just destroyed their expertise and authority and here is why:

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Firstly, it is very likely they’ll get loads of people commenting and making new title suggestions instead of choosing between the ones you posted.

I’ve seen this happen with over one hundred different, new title suggestions on one post!

You ask, you get answers but not necessarily the ones you’re after.

Secondly, most of the people who offer their opinion on your book title are NOT the people you are writing the book for.

And thirdly, YOU are the authority on what your book is about so how can other people know what the book title should be when they don’t even know what the book is about and if it is written for them?

In other words, you are getting generic answers like someone who asks: “What is the best marketing?”

…you immediately know that question cannot be answered unless you know what is to be marketed and who to?

The following three issues arise when people who write a book go asking other people for their opinion on their title and each of these issues creates a different outcome for how the finished book will be received in the market and one of them can even make your book ‘invisible’!

So, let’s have a look at these three issues one by one:

Firstly, your book title must be chosen BEFORE you start writing even just one word for your book and here is why:

The title of a book attracts the reader. It is NOT the cover colour or graphic design, it is the title. Colour and design, pictures or graphics are open to interpretation by each person by who they are.

For example, when I see a butterfly picture it probably means something very different to me than it does to you.

But when a book has the title: ‘77 Gardening Tips for Fruit & Vegetable Gardeners’, we both know exactly what the book is about and I know it is for me (because I love growing fruit and vegetables)

With an unclear book title you cannot attract people to want to buy it because they don’t know what the book is about…

…and that takes us to the second issue:

The book title determines what goes into the book.

Let’s use above example, ’77 Gardening Tips for Fruit & Vegetable Gardeners’, with that title you know exactly what you are going to write about and that are tips about growing fruit and vegetables.

For this reason the book title must be chosen BEFORE the writing of the book starts.

For example, my clients have two big benefits from deciding on their book title before they start writing:

#1 – The book title makes it clear what is to go into the book and therefore we can also lay out and name the chapters of the book.

#2 – When my clients have a book title and start the chapter layout they are clear on what exactly is to go into each chapter. They may even already have content that can be the basis of a chapter and therefore it becomes superfast to write the book.

There is no months or years of thinking about what to write about or what to write next. My clients know exactly what needs to be written for each chapter and the book can be fully written in a matte of weeks. Some of my clients have done this in as short a time as three weeks.

Not having a title for the book from the very beginning makes the entire writing process slow and tedious.

The third issue people who write a book for their business to show their expertise and attract clients have, without a title at the start, is:
They have no clear idea what outcome they want to achieve with their book. Yes, they want to show their expertise but what is that going to look like?

For example, showing your expertise may be that you wish to enter an industry you have not yet got clients from but would like to.
This is what Elise wanted to achieve. Her book on loosing weight without dieting and living healthy to stay alert was written for executives who are stressed and lack time for exercise and eating well.

Elise wanted to get her ‘foot in the door’ to companies and work with executives and their staff on keeping health and wellbeing under stress. Her book opened those doors for her.

I have seen loads of people write a book without a clear outcome in mind and start writing without a title and then after they published their book, it stayed ‘invisible’ because the title did not attract the right reader, the one that would be an ideal client for the writer.

Starting your book with a clear outcome in mind and getting the book title in place before writing starts so the book chapter framework can make the writing process fast, is a major part of what I help people to do – so that you are not only seen as the expert you are but also attract a steady stream of prospects who are ready to want to work with you, because they’ve read your book.

Let me know if you need help.
My 6-week small group program gives you a start-to-finish proven framework from planning and writing your book, through to publishing and marketing it (including editing, layouts, and formatting). We leave nothing out!

The investment for this start-to-end ‘expert status’ book program is mid-four figures, which compared to the time, energy and money spent trying to figure this all out on your own, particularly the expense of having a book that stays ‘invisible’ once published, is a total no-brainer!
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