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What makes a ‘good’ book


What holds a lot of people back from writing is they believe they have to write a ‘good’ book or their reputation is shattered, people will no longer want to work with them, peers will ‘talk behind their back’ about them and the veil of judgement will hang over them forever.

The truth is, not one of those people thinking that can tell me what a ‘good book’ is? In my experience, when people use the phrase: ‘a good book’, they are hiding behind their fear of feeling ‘not good enough’ and here his why:

How most people want to start writing a book is because they have an idea. They are in business and have been told they ‘should’ write a book, or they have heard that being the author of a book can instantly increase their credibility and expand their visibility. They imagine their expertise will shine bright and people will come and want to work with them…as long as they write a ‘good’ book!

It seems a logical thing to do, but here is the truth…

…when you start with your focus on ‘good’, you lose sight of what you are going to write about and who will read it!

You may be tempted to believe that ‘good’ has the same meaning for everyone as it has for you and that is simply not the case and you will see why, when you ask these questions:

What is a ‘good’ book?

Is it one that’s easy to read? Who is it easy to read for? Will you write it for a professional or an academic and use appropriate language? Then it would probably not be easy to read for me or any non-academic reader.

Is a ‘good’ book one that ‘makes sense’? Then we have to ask, who will it make sense to? Some soul or inner work coaches write about their methods and while it makes sense to them, much of it does not make sense to me.

Some people will say, a good book is one that leaves you inspired, but that can’t be right, because what inspires you may not inspire me.

Or you might say, a good book is one that offers tips you can apply. Then I would say, what if I can find those tips anywhere easily anyway?

And then there are a lot of people who will say the book must be ‘well written’ and you have to ask, what does ‘well written’ mean and by who’s standard?

So then, let’s be clear, as a business owner you want people to read your book so they can understand who you are and how what you offer can benefit the reader.

You are not writing to win a literary prize or win a ‘Best Writer’ award, instead, you want to connect with your reader and create a bond and trust with them.

It’s little wonder that so many people get confused, lose motivation and take a long time to write and finish their book. You’d feel like banging your head against a brick wall wondering why you ever started to write, and I know, many who start don’t finish.

I hear it over and over: ‘Yes, I started writing a book, I’ve not had time to finish it. I rather take my time and write a ‘good’ book than rush it!’

There is a crucial part missing in that way of thinking and going about writing a book, that is going to be a ‘good’ book.

Without this, you’ll be spending more money than you need to on marketing, advertising promotions, or if you’re doing it all organically, you’ll be wasting your precious time and energy in social media that gets little response.

That crucial missing piece to write a ‘good book’ (this piece seems to hide in everybody’s blind spot!) is what I call the ‘Outcome in Mind’.

It literally provides you with the instant insight on exactly what topic you need to write your book about and makes immediately clear WHO the reader will be.

When you start your book BEFORE you write a single word, with deciding on what outcome you want to achieve with it, like everyone of my clients does, you have a roadmap that contains every ‘scenic highlight’ and ‘pit stop’ and even the exact time it will take to write your book!

In fact, without fail, clients of mine are stunned and delighted that once they set themselves a clear outcome, they discover how fast and simple the writing process is and they are happy and confident that they are writing a ‘good’ book.


Adding vital answers and insights for the reader into each chapter of the book ensure your offers mentioned are perfectly aligned with your ideal clients, the specific outcome you provide, the pain points (or blocks) that they’re experiencing, and where the solution is to be found. (by contacting you in the way you describe it in your book)


…and that is the first stage of how my clients get started when they join my writing and publishing an expert status book and how they get excited about writing a ‘good’ book!

The second stage will be to identify where they’ll reach the people who will be wanting the book and how it will be made visible and available to the reader. That’s the marketing steps and set up so when publishing is completed, you just, kind of, ‘press go’ and your book is ‘out there’!

Stage three in my program is setting yourself up for publishing and every part and piece that goes with it. You are in control over the editing, formatting and publishing process, including the return from sales, all yours!

In stage 4 (although, to be fair, we don’t count the program in stages, you go through at your own pace, week by week for 6 weeks and you get the complete process done, from start to finish, and by that I mean, you’ll have your book published, ready for sale, on Amazon, both as Kindle AND Paperback) Stage four is all about your launch and marketing, how to get your book in front of the people that need to see it.

If you want to write your book like this, a ‘good’ book, (and by that I mean, the people who read it will say it is ‘good’!) from start to finish in six weeks, simply PM me and we’ll chat to see if this is a good fit for you and your business.

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