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A Little Mistake better not Made

Are You making this Little Mistake?

How this little Mistake can cost you big and why writing a book can fix it:

There are some coaches thinking about lowering their high ticket price point or re-arranging their offers and charging less because they are not getting new clients.

But PRICE is rarely the objection, it is usually VALUE and a top way of sharing how much value your clients get from you, is when you explain it in a book.

Here is what I mean:

Firstly, some people are perhaps truly not in a position to pay for a high ticket offer when they hear about yours but when they understand your offer is exactly what they need to solve their problem, they will ‘hang around’ until they are in a position to invest.


This happened to an accountant with a ‘coaching’ approach to accounting. One of his approaches to get new clients for his services was to present at online networking events and offer his book there, available for sale.


The reason he wrote the book in the first place was to be in a position to fully explain how his services were different from other accountants, why coaches & consultants needed his services, what they could achieve by working with him and that they would actually save a lot of money with him as their accountant.


He told me about a couple of people who did buy his book at one event and later contacted him so say they loved his approach but could not afford his services at that time.


He noticed how they jumped on his email list, opened every email, download every ‘freebie’ he offered and just when he thought these people were probably just after ‘free’ information, one after the other messaged him to say: “I’ve read your book three times, actioned what you say in your book and now I’m ready to work with you, I’ve got the funds!”

Two things to note here:

Number One: This accountant almost made the mistake of lowering his price just to get more clients.

Number Two: Writing a book about his offer made the offer and exactly who he wanted to work with so much clearer for him.

…and writing a book does NOT take a lot of time with my method, which starts my clients off getting clear on their outcome in mind, developing a strategy how to use the book and then the chapter writing framework I’ve developed from writing three international number one bestsellers myself, almost writes the book chapters by itself.

What a book does do, when it is written in the way I teach it, is allow you the space to write about the value you offer in detail and in a way the reader can connect with you as a person, as well as your offer and its value.


The other price objection that can trigger coaches wanting to change their high ticket offer is where the person actually does have the money or a way to get it without going into debt, but they’re just not certain of the value of your offer so they’re not feeling particularly compelled to let go of their hard-earned funds.

And you’ll know for sure they had the money, when you see them excitedly post about having jumped into a similar sounding program, paid possibly even twice your price, and you actually know, that program won’t deliver what yours does!

…and that happened to a business coach, over and over, until she wrote a book.

At first, when she saw prospects go elsewhere, she swapped and changed her offers, then she tried to look to ‘the market’ what the price points were out there and adopted pricing she saw others offer, only to be disappointed that people would still say:

“Ok, I’ll think about it. I don’t have the money at the moment”, and then she’d see the same person posting about the program they joined and knew that they actually paid a lot more and got a lot less with it than what she was offering.

All that changed when she wrote her book and here is why:

Firstly, writing her book with an outcome in mind, she realized she was NOT precisely clear on what she offered and who her offer was best suited for.

And that is one major benefit people get from working with me, which is being able to clearly articulate what it is that they do in their business and how to describe their offer in a way prospects understand its value and want to work with you.

The business coach realized she’d been too broad in her offer for business coaching and decided to write her book specifically for start-up businesses who want to use LinkedIn as their main social media platform to grow their business.

Writing the book allowed her to share why her specific expertise has value, who will most benefit from it and why.

If you’re thinking changing your price will get you more clients, you might not be precisely clear on:

– exactly what value you offer

-exactly how to describe your value

-exactly who your ideal client is and wants what you offer

Those are things you’ll get clear on when you get my help writing your book and changing your price upwards will be more likely on your mind when people who’ve read your book start contacting you because they are ready to work with you.

Established coaches, consultants and experts write their ‘expert status’ business book with me and do it in the shortest time possible.
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