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Are you clearly describing your Offer


How clearly are you describing your Offer?

A lot of coaches ‘struggle’ with describing their offer clearly and succinctly and think it’s due to having a very ‘unique’ or ‘unusual’ or very ‘different’ offer and that ‘fuzziness’ about their offer is reflected when they write their book. They write without a plan, they do not think about who exactly will be reading their book and then add a call to action link that has no meaning for the people who will eventually read their book (often that’s not too many because the book was not written for a specific reader!)

…so here’s how I help people who are thinking about writing a book that raises your Profile, Positions your Expertise and attracts new Clients to you with ease:

1. We determine what outcome you want to achieve with your book: what it is you want your book to do for you.

2. Look at which client, or if you have a variety of client types, which segment of your client base, you need to write your book for, to achieve the outcome you have in mind for your book.

3. Figure out what solution that specific client is looking for, that you offer. Write the book about that solution, using a book title that addresses the solution and divide the book into chapters that break down the solution into easy to follow steps to understand your method, and with that, your expertise.

4. Prepare your marketing and publishing from week two to week five of my 6 week program, while you write the content for each chapter of your book.

You’ll need approx. 4-5 hours a week to write your book with this method, to publish after 6 weeks.


Writing a book to that framework, reliably gets people inquiring about your offer, ready to say ‘yes’ to it.

Important note: This does NOT mean that you ‘bluntly’ or ‘salesy’ make your offer in the book. What it does mean is, you are sharing your expertise of how you help clients get the outcome they seek in a way they easily understand it and the book is written for the person you actually want to attract to come to you.

100% of people who come to me wanting to write a book, be that to raise their profile, get more clients or share their message, are not clear around what exactly they offer to whom and what needs to be in place for a client so they can help them.

Like this client of mine said: ‘Just being able to clearly articulate what it is that I do was one of the benefits I got out of the Book Writing, Publishing & Marketing Program with Sigrid.’

I hope what I shared here helps.

And if you are ready to write your book and want my help, simply PM me and we’ll chat to see if your book idea and business is a good fit.

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