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Do not distract from what you are an Expert on

Do Not Distract from what you are an Expert on 

Do NOT distract from what you are REALLY an expert on by wanting to write a book on something you think is ‘easy’ to write about, like a recipe book, when you really are in the Health & Wellness business, and think writing ANY type of book will give you more exposure, new clients and the opportunity to say “I am the author of…”because you are distracting from what you are REALLY the expert on, and here is what I mean by that:

I’ve seen people talk about their book, holding one up and sharing excitedly how they discovered the recipes and even selling a book or two, at networking events, for example.

It does create a ‘buzz’ to have a book in your hand and people might ‘flock’ around you to see and hear more but here is what happens next:
People will associate your book with who you are and what you have to offer and when your book is a recipe book, most likely will you talk about some of the recipes you’ve put into your book, perhaps a favourite one or a particularly easy to make one, a very tasty one or one that has a ‘story’ attached to it, here is what you will find …

…from the time you talk about your recipe book and some specific recipes in it, people will associate YOU with that recipe. You will stay in people’s mind as the recipe book author and it will be very difficult to ‘shake’ that image of you and instead talk about the actual coaching offer you have.

Here is what is so fantastic about becoming virtually instantly known for what you wrote your book about when you are the author, you are almost immediately ‘building your brand’!

It is easy for people to recognize and remember you because of your book and they will talk about you and refer others to your book…
BUT if that book is a recipe book or any topic that is NOT what you are currently wanting to be known for, it will take quite some marketing to change that image of who you are and what you stand for.

So, when Mindset Coaches come to write a book with me, or people who take clients through a wellness program to let go of fears (and there may be fear of food involved) or you might offer pain relief with hypnotherapy (and some of that pain is in the stomach) or people who work with clients on changing their lifestyle to gain greater clarity and focus, in each case when such coaches think that as a ‘first’ book they might like to write a recipe book, my ‘outcome in mind’ work with them let’s them discover that it will be much more useful to write a book around their actual expertise and the method they apply to help clients because that is what will attract the right interest in them and their book.

The topic and the title of your book will help you establish yourself as the authority on that topic and unless you are in the business of creating recipes and selling recipes, writing a recipe book as your “…I am the author of..” book, will distract from your real expertise and offer.

When I work with people on what outcome they wish to achieve with their book and they get clear on it, the book topic becomes apparent.
For example, when the wellness coach discovers that she wants to share her unique method of helping women between 45 and 60 years of age to not be held back by Menopause issues, including gaining weight, then that will be topic of her book and the title will naturally have to include words that speak directly to those prospects, women between 45 and 60.

Now that wellness coach, when working with me, can write her book fast, and that is not because I ‘rush’ her, but because when she knows what the book is about and who it is for, she can map out the chapters of her book and knows exactly what is to go into each chapter.

The way I’d coach her is to ask the type of questions her prospects might ask and her answers bring together her knowledge simply, fast and easy because as the expert on her method, she has the answers at hand, and now that just goes into her book.

She might write it, she might record and transcribe it or she might already have some written content that simply gets collated, chapter by chapter.
I work with my clients on every aspect of the book and that is, the preparation, the writing, and a super-simple method for proof editing, formatting and publishing your book on Amazon, so you keep total control over your royalties and other income generated from every marketing and promotion activity you undertake with your book at the center.

So, you see, you do NOT need to write a ‘recipe’ book to be able to say: “I am the author of…”fast!

…and by the way…

…what I wrote about in this post, NOT to write a recipe book just because you think it’s faster than writing a book on your actual expertise, that also applies for any other type of ‘easy’ ‘short’ or ‘on the side’ topic, for example, a workbook, which some people want to write as their first book, instead of writing about their expertise.

If you want to write a book and you’d like my help, I offer a 6-Week Write, Publish and Market your Expert Status Book Program for experienced coaches and other experts.

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AND, you can write a ‘workbook’ or a ‘recipe’ book AFTER your first book has established you for what you really want to be known for or leave your legacy on, and if you work with me, you can do that anytime after your initial book, without my help, because one other part of my program is that you have lifetime access to all the information you need to write, publish and market your book!

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