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Let’s talk about Trust

LET'S TALK ABOUT A BOOK TO BUILD TRUST When this question was asked about writing a Book to build Trust: “Do you think the trust is built because the potential client read the book, or simply because they see you have written a book and that increases your expertise in [...]
Frequently asked Questions Sm

Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS If you’re answering the same client questions, day in day out, you might feel like making a recording and just giving that to the next client who’s asking that very question again! Well, here is a much better way of answering those most often asked client questions [...]
Experience vs Expertise SM

Writing about Experience vs Expertise

EXPERIENCE VS EXPERTISE - WHICH SHOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT? When people have been on a transformational journey, experienced loss and suffering and have come through it all with strength and a new awareness and now they want to write their ‘story’ as a book full of guidance to help other’s [...]