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Impact, Inspire & Empower through Authorship!

Imagine…your Book as part of your Personal & Business Expansion making a Global Impact?!

If writing a Book is on your mind…

Imagine…you become Internationally Recognized for your Expertise…

Female leaders, women entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, and professionals, who are determined about making a difference in the World share their Story & Insights and so elevate their Expert Status and Authority by writing a Book.

Is that something you’re dreaming of?  – Perhaps others are encouraging you!

If you’re a savvy, successful woman with a Vision, Expertise, and a desire to make your Impact, including on a Global Scale, I know writing a Book is your most powerful way to do so.

How do I know?

… from personal experience; I am the author of 3 International # 1 Bestsellers which each Positioned me with Purpose as the Expert and Authority of my Business at that time.

Sigrid de Kaste

My books have returned me $5,000 to $25,000 in new client work within just days of publishing, for example, as well as elevating my professional status to be invited internationally to speak on stages in Australia, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, the US and Switzerland.

Is that something you could expect to achieve when you get my help to write, publish and prepare to market your book?

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Your Story has Power & Magic, Share it in a Book…
and if you want my help to write it, I’ll take on new clients once a month.

The High Impact, High Profit, Marketing Optimized Book Writing and Publishing Program

Work with me every Step of the Way

Make a difference in the World, share your Story, share your Insights and elevate your Leadership & Authority. Discover how people trust you more and want your expertise…because of your Book!

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Sigrid de Kaste Book Intro the Program

The 3-Pillars of Writing & Publishing a Marketing Optimized Book with me

Plan to Inspire

Plan to Inspire…with Clarity & Strategy:

We start with the framework and strategy that allows you to write your book with the outcome you want to achieve so your book gains interest, credibility, and expert status even before it’s published, and readers are ready lined up to want your book!

Step by step, we identify your ideal client for your book, the best type of content and a book title that grabs attention, so you are positioned to attract the right audience who’s eager to learn more about you and your message.

This is about writing a book that will empower & inspire you and your reader.

And unlike many people who still take months, even years, to write their book, this framework offers you a fast-track writing process that keeps you focused and motivated with excitement so you can tell people with a good amount of precision when they can expect to get their hands on your book!

Would you like my help to Plan & Write?

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Publish for Global Impact

Publish for Global Impact:

Are you ready to elevate your status as a successful entrepreneurial female leader and unleash your voice to be seen and heard like never before?

Loads of people focus on outdated publishing steps that waste a lot of time and finally disappoint with a lack of results.

In my program I’ll show you step-by-step how to publish your book on Amazon (the multi-million member and global buyer platform), in both versions, Print and Kindle, in one go.

This work does include creating your cover, editing, layouts, and formatting.

We leave nothing out!

You’ll gain a repeatable skill and the ability to choose best practice book description, keywording and category choice on Amazon!

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Profit with Purpose

Profit with Purpose… through Expert Positioning:

We work on how to position yourself as the recognized leader and authority in your field and/or on your topic, in the way most aligned with you, and in doing so, incorporate your ‘story’ into your book.

This is all about positioning you and your book that is seen as credible, professional and an indication of your expertise. This is about you getting even more recognition for who you are, what you know and the message you offer.

This work includes your book launch strategy, ready to activated and able to build on, achieving exactly the outcome you wish to achieve as the author of your book.

For example, you would have created excitement from the start of working with me to gain maximum sales on launch day and you’ll have a marketing strategy with your outcome to be achieved, to continue with.

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Imagine you write your book and embark on a transformative journey, up-leveling who you are, elevating your impact and creating a legacy…it is sooooo possible for you!

Just like the women in these 7 examples…grab a copy now and start dreaming what it would look like for you to be an Author of your very own book!

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Savvy, Successful Female Coaches & Consultants, the Changemakers with Heart, and a BIG bold Vision to create Impact on a Global Scale, come to work with me:

I signed up to do Sigrid’s program as I liked the concept of the book being an integral part of your marketing strategy, and not just another product that I then had to market.

Rohanne Young, B.Sc Grad Dip.

I have never written a book before, it was always in the “too hard basket” especially when there is little time to put it together.

Sigrid’s step by step approach, which includes clear, concise instructions, her one on one support in the workshops plus her never-ending patience and encouragement has not only given me clarity and insight into “who I am” and “what I do” in my business but also makes it a joyful experience.

Dr. J.Baker MBCHB

I had no idea how easy it would be to write & publish a book that will establish my brand. I was also unaware of what an excellent publishing platform Amazon is for small businesses.

Katie Mackay

I paid $13,000 to be published by a leading publishing company where I waited 8 months, going back and forth with emails and corrections of their mistakes, never getting done what I paid for! I called Sigrid when I was an utter mess, I had already put my book up for pre order sales. I told Sigrid that I need this done ASAP in order to fill my orders – two weeks later it was DONE! Sigrid is a one stop shop for self publishing. Excellent, excellent service!

Donna W.

A Book must have a Point to make otherwise it’s just a pile of Words
…that’s why I love your Program. - Belinda Shaw