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Loads of coaches & consultants believe that gaining maximum EXPERT STATUS and CREDIBILITY in their industry takes a lot of work, specially Marketing, Lead Generation, paid Ads, heaps of Social Media posts and so they are constantly trying to tweak, change or perfect what they are doing to raise their Profile and Position their Expertise in order to increase Leads, Sales and Client attraction, on other words, Boost your Brand.

In my experience, this rarely works.

The truth is, more activity is not the answer, if you are not speaking directly to the right audience, with the depth and detail they need to get to know and trust you.

Writing a Book can change all that!

A Book can give you Validation of who you are and what you offer, in detail, page after page, like these clients experienced:

‘The book gave authentication to my work and that was the biggest asset’, one said, another:

‘The book was credibility for my Executive Coaching Practice AND new clients came to me, ready to want my offer, I got no price objections!’

Of course, writing in itself is only one part of a Book that raises your Profile and positions your Expertise. There is also clarity of the outcome you want to achieve, who you are writing for and how to build your expertise and a credible call to action into the Book so when it’s published and time to market it, your strategy and framework to do so are in place, you ‘sort of’ just hit ‘go’!

Read on, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself before I share details of my 6-Step Book Writing Framework that helps attract more Clients, increases your Industry Credibility & Positions you as the ‘Go To’ Expert.

People who get my help experience a fast, effective and smooth start-to-finish proven framework, from planning and writing your book, through to publishing and marketing it, in the least time-consuming way WITHOUT compromising on quality of content!

And this is me, Sigrid de Kaste…

Founder and Director of Stickybeak Marketing®

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I developed my 6-Step Book Writing & Publishing Strategy and Framework specifically for successful Professionals, Coaches & Consultants who know the value they provide, get great outcomes for their clients, and are ready for more people to know about it, by writing a Book that shares your Expertise and attracts new Clients with more ease for you.

If you would like to know more, I share my Book Writing Strategy and Framework and how a Book helps Boost your Brand, HERE.

Sigrid de Kaste WNA

Hand on Heart…Have you always had the dream to write a Book but don't know where to Start??

Here are the Simple Steps that make writing with me and my Book Writing Strategy & Framework so Smooth, Fast & Effective

Loads of coaches tell me every day: I have a rough idea for my book, but I don’t know where to start and if my idea will work.

If that is you, get Access to my Book Writing Strategy & Framework:

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Are you ready to Write your Book?
Here are my Top Two Programs for you to Choose from

Write your Book with me

…let’s map out every chapter & start writing with confidence.

Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book with me

Write, Publish & Market your Book

…every phase done with my help, including your marketing strategy!

Private Strategy Session with Sigrid

Professionals, Trainers, Coaches & Consultants who get great results with their Clients and are ready for more People to know about it, come to work with me

Here are some of my happy Clients

Martin Best

I cannot speak too highly of Sigrid’s professionalism, commitment, inspirational qualities, and willingness to go the extra mile (or 10).

There are zillions of marketers, but Sigrid knows the marketing field inside out, and is a master of the technology that goes with it. She is a listener, a supporter, and a friend.

Frankly, if you have a concept to market, I would recommend you don’t even think of going to anyone else. I have learnt from her, have been amazed by her work ethic and her dedication.

She’s also a lot of fun, and that’s important too. So thanks to Sigrid, difficulties and tensions get resolved and you are left each session with her feeling better about yourself and your idea/product. She’s unique. and uniquely good at what she does.

Martin Best MA FRSA FISM

The Corporate Theatre, The 3:4 Code of Inspiration

Sigrid is always so efficient in responding to my enquiries – often the questions I ask (being a novice) may seem silly or simple but complex to me and she always responds in a professional and speedy way that makes me feel confident

Would highly recommend Sigrid from Stickybeak Marketing

Jan Watman BA, Dip FP, CertIV Fin & Broking, AFB

Start Fresh Finance

I would like to thank Sigrid for the compelling way in which she has helped us to get our message across –

Steven Gans PH.D

Business Consultant

Angela McDonald

Sigrid is innovation, drive, determination and strategic thinking in one package. Definitely a person you want on your team to tell you what she really thinks as without a doubt it will bring on your own light bulb moment

Angela McDonald

Optimum Recoveries

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