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Stickybeak Marketing® is an Industry-Leading, Internationally Recognized Marketing Consultancy Specializing in Brand & Reputation Marketing

  • Every Business is Unique and has the Potential to attract more Customers and make more Money.

Working with clients since 2010 and from our own Businesses, we know that Uniqueness is best expressed as a Brand. Brands stand out, have a Higher Perceived Value, attract the right Customer and so make more Money!

  • We want every Business to attract more Customers and make more Money by achieving Brand Recognition.
  • We help Businesses like yours, develop your Brand, Band Message and Brand Content, using Authorship as the #1 Central Marketing Tool.

We deliver this through our Elite Brand Building, Consulting and Coaching Programs, and with our connected Community of Inspired Business Owners!

  • This is designed for successful Business owners, Coaches and Consultants like you, who know the value you provide but find it hard to express and explain what you do and why someone should choose you, especially when communicating it online and in Social Media

Our Key Brand & Reputation Marketing Programs:

Position Yourself & Grow Your Brand…
using the Single Most Powerful Marketing Tool: Your Book

Profit from Being Recognised as the Expert!

Wrap your Business around a Book or your Book around a Business and become Competition and Recession Proof – In just 6 Weeks!

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Marketing Department

Attract Ideal Clients Quick and Easy and Build your Business as the Expert

…with Stickybeak Marketing Department!

This is a Complete Solution to Building your Business and Marketing Pillars

Includes Digital Product and Membership Site Set Up

Make Money with your Book

Create Income coming into your Business, even when you Sleep!

Your Customers Buy Online – Are Your Knowledge Products There?

The Power of Knowledge – ‘Whatever You Know can Make You Money’

Turn Your Expertise & Knowledge into Online Products that Make You Money anytime, anywhere!

Selling your Business

Time to Sell your Business? Know where to Start!

Attention Business Owners Looking to Sell your Business: Do you want top dollar for your business?

Here are the Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions Business Owners have when Selling their Business

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Marketing Department

Create a Marketing Message that Sticks

Knowledge Product

Trailblazing Marketing Techniques

Marketing Power Tools

Top of the Range Marketing ‘Power Tools’

Be Seen

Be Seen

Be Heard

Be Heard





Be Seen, Be Heard, Anytime, Anywhere, Grow Your Brand!

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Meet Sigrid

Sigrid de Kaste

Selling her Diamond Jewellery Business for double her investment, at a time when other Jewellers simply closed theirs down, Sigrid de Kaste JP (Qual) knows how to engage the Power of Marketing when growing a Business, her Speciality!

Now a 3 times #1 Bestselling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant and Coach, Sigrid de Kaste founded Stickybeak Marketing® after experiencing the power of the right marketing in starting up, expanding, and selling her own businesses

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Meet some of our Clients

Martin Best

I cannot speak too highly of Sigrid’s professionalism, commitment, inspirational qualities, and willingness to go the extra mile (or 10).

There are zillions of marketers, but Sigrid knows the marketing field inside out, and the is a master of the technology that goes with it. She is a listener, a supporter, and a friend.

Frankly, if you have a concept to market, I would recommend you don’t even think of going to anyone else. I have learnt from her, have been amazed by her work ethic and her dedication.

She’s also a lot of fun, and that’s important too. So thanks to Sigrid, difficulties and tensions get resolved and you are left each session with her feeling better about yourself and your idea/product. She’s unique. and uniquely good at what she does.

Martin Best MA FRSA FISM

The Corporate Theatre, The 3:4 Code of Inspiration

Sigrid is always so efficient in responding to my enquiries – often the questions I ask (being a novice) may seem silly or simple but complex to me and she always responds in a professional and speedy way that makes me feel confident

Would highly recommend Sigrid from Stickybeak Marketing

Jan Watman BA, Dip FP, CertIV Fin & Broking, AFB

Start Fresh Finance

I would like to thank Sigrid for the compelling way in which she has helped us to get our message across –

Steven Gans PH.D

Business Consultant

Angela McDonald

Sigrid is innovation, drive, determination and strategic thinking in one package. Definitely a person you want on your team to tell you what she really thinks as without a doubt it will bring on your own light bulb moment

Angela McDonald

Optimum Recoveries

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