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Getting clients from your Book


Are you hoping that when you write your book, people who read it, will want to become your clients?

When coaches teach you that to attract leads from your book all you need to do is add lots of calls to action with a link that leads the reader to a ‘freebie’ gift they sign up to get and then you set in motion an email sequence (the coach gives you as a template) the emails are to nurture those leads to become clients, you are likely in for a looooooong wait for that to happen unless you included these things in your book too:

Most people do not write their book in a way it attracts interest or has a clear instruction to contact them and become their client.

People put calls to action throughout the book like: ‘Go to my website for more’, or ‘Contact me here’, or maybe “Grab my free Videos via this link’.

Those are list building actions and that is not the book bringing clients but it’s hope that readers will sign up to the list(s) and through regular email nurture become clients.

Perfectly ok to do that but if you want your book to bring the clients and you want to use your book as a legacy to your expertise, you need …

…these three things for a book to reliably get you clients:

#1 – A clear, easy to understand book title that says what the book is about & who it is for

#2 – The book needs to be written in a style that draws the reader into a conversation with you, the writer, builds trust and a bond that shows you have the expertise to help them and the way to do this is by clearly sharing how you use your expertise to achieve outcomes for your clients.

#3 – One clear, direct, easy to understand call to do one thing, which is for most people to contact you, the author of the book, to work with you and why they would want to work with you.

Here’s an example (my own) of a “method” statement:

“If you’re thinking about writing a book that raises your Profile, Positions your Expertise and attracts new Clients to you with ease, here’s how I help you do it:

1. We determine what outcome you want to achieve with your book: what it is you want your book to do for you.

2. Look at which client, or if you have a variety of client types, which segment of your client base, you need to write your book for, to achieve the outcome you have in mind for your book.

3. Figure out what solution that specific client is looking for, that you offer. Write the book about that solution, using a book title that addresses the solution and divide the book into chapters that break down the solution into easy to follow steps to understand your method, and with that, your expertise.

4. Prepare your marketing and publishing from week two to week five of my 6 week program, while you write the content for each chapter of your book.

You’ll need approx. 4-5 hours a week to write your book with this method, to publish after 6 weeks.

Writing a book to that framework, reliably gets people inquiring about your offer, ready to say ‘yes’ to it.

Important note: This does NOT mean that you ‘bluntly’ or ‘salesy’ make your offer, neither in the book nor in your posts. What it does mean is, you are sharing your expertise of how you help clients get the outcome they seek in a way they easily understand it.

Writing your content with these 3 things in mind, will get enquiries.

I hope what I shared here helps.

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