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100 Best Ever Headlines …and How they can Make More Sales for You Do you know: What the right Headlines for your business are? Why the right Headlines can create more sales? How easy it is to create your own Headlines? All this and more is what we discuss in […]


What’s a Keyword and Where do I Find it? How Keywords help you make Sales and How to use the Keyword Tool In this presentation we discuss: Why Keywords need to be correctly selected by YOU How Keywords impact on nearly all your Marketing Material What you can do right […]


How to Venture into Google World Top 3 Google Tools every Business Needs This event covers: Why Google is the Platform to be on How it impacts your Business and Website Ranking What you can achieve with integrating Google Hangouts   This is a LIVE Event held every Tuesday…the latest […]


Social Media for Local Business – Where to Start and What to Post Are you asking yourself these questions: What really is Social Media ….and is it for me? Where do I need to be and where not? What do I post and how long does it all take? This […]