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You and LinkedIn

How is LinkedIn Transforming Companies?

by Sigrid de Kaste

LinkedIn put together a visual story of how LinkedIn users are transforming their businesses and they’ve done a pretty good job!

In this slideshow LinkedIn focuses on 3 main areas:

Hire – Marketing – Sell

Are these three areas you’d like to work on in your company? Then check out the slides in the LinkedIn slideshow below

1. You may already be using LinkedIn for finding the right people for hire however there are good and not so successful ways of actually getting the results you’d like and you can contact us at Stickybeak for help


2. Marketing yourself and your business is something that happens every time you present what you do

Taking marketing to LinkedIn is a great way of very direct and targeted exposure however before you do, be clear on what your social media and marketing strategy should be

When you have a clear marketing strategy it is more effective using LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Also, it is a good idea to set up your social media profile in the right way. There are do’s and don’t parts to consider including the time it will take you to put your online profile together


3. In order to sell your products or services on social media platforms it is of benefit to be familiar with referral and relationship marketing. Selling in today’s market requires building relationships with your customers and potential customers but also aligning with other businesses

With competition so much greater in the market, the secret to selling on a platform like LinkedIn is to align and cooperate rather then compete which can easily be done by getting to know other decision makers as well as working on regular contact marketing


Now take a look at the slides, LinkedIn released in Slideshow…have fun!