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Marketing Mistakes

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing can be a minefield, with so many new ways and opportunities to promote your business in today’s competitive environment it is easy to make mistakes…and I don’t like mistakes!…but of course I make them, so here, from experience, 5 you can avoid

Mistake #1 

Do you Follow Shooting Stars?

With the amazing sounding, virtually daily new Marketing ideas, the concept of: out with the old and in with the new – catch cry of many marketers, it is of course easy for the average business owner to think they must try it all and it must be now and it must be different, and the new will fix the lack

Compare it to this: you’re getting Solar Energy installed on the roof… you use more heating and cooling inside, it’s cheaper, right? but somehow it still doesn’t get any warmer or cooler? – what you did not do is check your door and window seals, any holes in the walls …

In the same way it pays to have a clear Marketing and Brand Strategy in place BEFORE you follow the next shooting star!

Shooting Stars


Mistake # 2

Is Your Marketing Art or Strategy?

It is one thing to be creative and come up with logos, headlines and taglines that ‘look’ or ‘sound’ great…and I hear this often from very new in business entrepreneurs, they choose a business name that ‘sounds’ great and a logo that ‘looks’ different

The question is: does your potential customer know what it means, what it stands for? Does your customer use such description or visuals to identify your product or service  in that way?

It is about your customer, so make sure you use art after you’ve set out what your strategy is and clearly identified WHO you are targeting…get a Marketing and Brand Strategy in place first


Mistake # 3

Too many Trees, can’t see the Forest?

There’s been a push for Solar Energy Installation here in Australia recently and going out to find what’s right for me has been hampered by the vast variety of choices

I can have this panel or that panel, German or Chinese brand, more of less in size Inverters…I have no idea what’s right for me. Ultimately my decision comes down to my personal buying decision making – and you will have your personal one

The great thing when engaging a professional marketer is, they know how to find your target market’s buying decision process (or should)

If you are not engaging a professional marketer to help you, make the choice for your customers as easy, short and simple as possible with less rather than more (trees!)


Mistake # 4

He said, She said, We said…

Getting audience and buyer’s feedback is a great way to gauge what’s working and what might need improving however it is worth while to make sure the feedback comes from a variety of sources and larger quantities to be useful

If you respond to feedback from just a small number of customer you won’t know if that’s merely a minority opinion and the majority is actually very happy with your work or product

Do surveys, the are the best source of improvement ideas, just consider the size of the market you are surveying or getting feedback from


Mistake # 5

But I’ve always done it like this…

It is always easier to stay with the familiar, to hold on to what we know and do it over and over, never measuring if it actually works. My example here is the Australian Jewellery Industry, they use catalogues at least once a year. Over and over do they order, as told by their buying group, to purchase the full package with the catalogues and display as much of the varied stock as possible. Less than 30% off catalogue stock ever sells, the rest sits for the next 5 years on the shelf

Why do they keep doing this, over and over, accumulating more and more ‘dead’ stock? Because it’s easy, the catalogues are done for them, the stock selected

That’s what they know, they’ve always done it

They forget the social, competitive and buyer behaviour have changed. There are new and more channels for buying and gaining information availalbe and other’s opinion have become more important than someone’s qualifications or 25 yrs in business

Do things differently, find out where your buyer is seeking your products and services and research their buying behaviour


Jewellery Business Example


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