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Free Website

Can you really trust a FREE Website to be free? What don’t you know about a free Website that you probably should know? Have you asked yourself these questions: What don’t I know about a free Website that I should? Where does convenience cost? How can I compare a free […]

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips Top 10 Twitter Tips If you are asking yourself these questions: What does Twitter do…and is it for me? Where do I start and who will I follow, who will follow me? What do I post on Twitter, and how long will it all take? …then this presentation […]

Customer Service

Great Customer Service…What does it mean to You? by Sigrid de Kaste Many small business owners talk about great customer service. They write in their marketing material about how exceptional they are in their customer service…but are they? Interestingly, great customer service seems to exist more in the business owners […]

Website Ads

Trust in Advertising – Do you have it? The recent global Nielsen survey into consumer trust of advertising revealed a few interesting points The Nielsen consumer research company conducted this survey online across 58 countries and revealed that consumer trust in online advertising has increased since 2007 but they don’t […]


How to turn Your Slide Show into a Video …get Tips and Tools how to bring Your Slides to Life! Have you thought about Video Marketing but are not sure where to start? Not sure about what to video and promote? Don’t know what’s involved in setting up recording slides? […]

Blog Writing

How to Speed Up Your Blog Writing …get 5 Hot Tips how to make it easier! Welcome to this Hands on Workshop to be held in Brisbane I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of blog writing for your business Google rewards those who put regular, valuable information online for their […]

Email Newsletters

Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Newsletter Items Have you ever wondered what elements are ‘must have’ in a Newsletter? An email newsletter can serve a number of different purposes, and so at the very beginning it is for you to decide what YOUR purpose of creating and sending an email newsletter […]

Email Marketing

Top 10 Tips on Email Marketing …and why there are do’s and don’ts to make it work Welcome to today’s Tuesday Marketing Tips  If you’re here for the first time…please refresh the page until the live  session starts and you will be able to get all the in’s and out’s […]