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Online Marketing

Want to Build Your Image Online?

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is all about making you visible to your buyer who is searching for you online

While you are creating your online visibility, you are creating an image for yourself, your business and your products and services

The more you are seen and your message is delivered across many online channels such as SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media, the more chance of brining visitors back to your website where you want them to check out your offers and, ultimately, either buy there and then or contact you to buy

The more opportunities that offer themselves to promote yourself on, the more it becomes critical to check the outcomes and your budget for your online marketing

Here are five tips for you to consider when setting up your online marketing and what your budget might have to be to engage such services

5 Tips How to be more Visible Online

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This area has become more and more blurred to the end user as to what it is and what is actually done by an SEO specialist to get your website to be ranked high. The reason for this is the changes implemented by Google in order to create fair and searcher friendly results. Imagine it was all down to just paying for it, only the highest bidder had a chance to be found. Google is placing high emphasis on your website being visited regularly and visitors staying on your site for a while.

However there is still a large component ‘behind the scenes’ that needs to be in place that’s SEO, such as keywords and phrases, meta tags, descriptions and code which is best left to those who understand it (and that can be tricky for the average business owner to determine)

SEO plans range from $500 to $5000 per month…Stickybeak Marketing has SEO Specialists who first test what needs doing and quote, not simply put you on a package


2. Social Networking – Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more…all platforms you can set your profile up yourself, so only your time to account for. Same with keeping information coming onto the sites, you can do that yourself, provided you know what will work and how often you should post. You can hand this work to a staff member but you must check it regularly and be sure the information put out there is consistent with the image you want to create

Social Media Marketing can be done for you and starts from around $199 per month…but that is usually for posting contend only once a week into one of two platforms…Stickybeak Marketing offers Social Media Set Up Packages which determine exactly how much you should be doing to be successful rather than putting you into a pre-determined plan


3. Email Marketing

Keeping in regular touch with existing and new clients is imperative in today’s competitive market. Sending out a newsletter is a great way to make sure you customers know about all of your products and new products or services. It is also an opportunity to promote other’s products and services and ask for referrals. Further, email marketing is a very important link in the chain of events to create your image, online visibility and Google Search Engine Rankings

If you are able to create compelling newsletters yourself, your expense is only in the time you spend on it however professionally created newsletter campaigns might start from $399, depending how large your database is and how specific the news are for your business. There are lower cost newsletters produced which offer more generic content….Stickybeak Marketing offers full service and specific email marketing CLICK HERE


4. Articles – Blog Writing

Everyone is writing blogs…it’s the ‘done’ thing, question is how effective is it, are you considering keywords, do you use your own or your customers’ terminology? …and lastly, how much time does it take you to spend on this task? Your blog is about news to your existing customers and to show potential new customers what you know and have to offer. The topics you choose should ideally be what your buyers are interested in but it does depend on what other news might be of interest to your buyers and Real Estate Agents might put recipes into their newsletters as well as new listings because they have a largely female database

You can engage writers to do the articles for you and this service starts around $200 per page including keywording. There are lower cost options however they may not give you the quality or industry specific outcome you are seeking. Writing effective articles for your blog is learnable and fun once you know how to and incorporate Stickybeak’s Template Formula. Look out for up coming weekly events to get more details on this


5. Directory Listings

Your business listing in the appropriate directories is an often overlooked online marketing factor to create and spread your image and send viewers back to your website  Directory listings have already a high search engine ranking and therefore contribute to you being found. The secret here is to revisit and review the profile and content on those listings regularly in order to keep the information relevant. Further, make sure you send visitors to relevant pages….not simply to your home page, that way you have more chance of them staying on your page longer, a sign to Google your supplying relevant content

Signing up to Directory sites is free for many, with the option of extra benefits if you pay. Directory listings relevance to your business is part of every Stickybeak Online Marketing Package, we recommend what’s most suitable for you


If you want to really ‘rev’ up your Online Image, be seen and recognized and have visitors come back to your site, contact Stickybeak for a focus session to determine what exactly is most suited for you and your business

Building Your Online Image is a brand new package by Stickybeak Marketing for Business owners who understand the importance of being seen on relevant sites, creating the flow of potential buyers to come back to your website…


Online Marketing