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It’s All in Your Advertising…

Some business owners will tell you “Advertising does NOT work!”

…. by Sigrid de Kaste

Is that really true…do you feel like that?

In order to get your advertising to work  you really need to understand what makes it work…oh…and be clear about it…you are advertising your business with a whole lot more than just an ad in the media or online

You are advertising your business every time you speak about it, contact a customer or your staff are in contact with your customers

I found this cute quote:

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in a dark room. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does” – Stuart Britt

Of course right now we are all aware that print media advertising might not be as much looked at as online advertising

But how sure are you that your potential customers are NOT looking in print media?

So consider firstly, who you are targeting with your advertising

Secondly, where they are looking

Thirdly, what do they want to have resolved


Of course, online is definitely the way to advertise at least as well as in print media

Online advertising can be done in these 5 ways:

  1. Your Website is an advertisement (might not work if your text does not convert)
  2. Google Adwords (can be costly, if you don’t understand advertising)
  3. On Trade Directories (you are only one of many)
  4. On other business owner’s websites (may or may not be your target market)
  5. Professionally created and targeted placed banner advertising (which we do for you)


…and then I found this fabulous Slideshow on Slideshare

There are 3 R’s in Advertisng….and how right they are!

  1. Your advertising should create a reaction from the people you want as customers
  2. Your advertising needs to be relevant to those potential customers so be clear on your message
  3. Your advertising needs to get a response or it will be an expense rather than an investment

Check out this clever slideshow, done to highlight the importance of great slides for your presentations however very relevant to what needs to be in your advertising

How you need to build your ads and your consideration of what you want to achieve

With the enormous opportunities in online advertising, Stickybeak Marketing has created banner advertising

Your ads are created by us after in depths research into who you want to reach

Your banners are designed to achieve maximum reaction and response and placed on the relevant websites your customers are visiting

Now check the slides….learn more and have a bit of fun! Thanks to Slide Comet for this fabulous slide show!