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Frequently asked Questions Sm

Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS If you’re answering the same client questions, day in day out, you might feel like making a recording and just giving that to the next client who’s asking that very question again! Well, here is a much better way of answering those most often asked client questions [...]
For a good size book don't count the pages

Don’t count the Pages

For a Good Size Book don't Count the Pages! If you’re trying to figure out how many more pages you need to write to have a ‘good size’ book and you’re counting the pages in your word doc, you’re making a big mistake! This is a mistake that’s creating overwhelm [...]
Cute for Kittens not your Book Title

Book Title

Cute is for Kittens & Puppies NOT your Book Title CUTE IS FOR Puppies and Kittens! Well, here is what that phrase made me think of: So many people who start writing a book do a deep dive into all sorts of areas of their business and write about everything [...]