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I see Challenge after Challenge being offered all over Social Media:

5 Day Challenge, 14 Day Challenge, 30 Day Challenge…it raises the question for me:

‘What exactly do you have when you’ve finished the Challenge?’

If you are an outcome driven Coach or Consultant and you’ve been thinking about writing a Book, maybe you’ve even started writing but got stuck, or maybe you lost motivation to continue writing because you don’t have time to write or you simply don’t know how to continue writing but really would like to finish this Book!

…then here is my Challenge for you:

Write and Publish a Book that is written and ready to Market you and your Expertise in 6-Weeks or less, with me!

This is an amazing program for coaches & consultants who think they can ‘just write’ but don’t know how to start, or have started and got stuck or feel ready to write a book and don’t know where to start (or all of what I mentioned above)

My Unique Program takes you from Planning what you want to achieve with your Book, (YES this is an important part of being able to write ANYTHING in the first place) to a clearly defined Writing Process which makes it so fast and easy to Write and Publish your entire Book, Marketing ready, in 6-Weeks or less.

The Program is for Established Coaches and Consultants (earning at least $5 -10++K/month) and they might be working in professional areas, like:

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching or they might be doing Health & Wellness work,

…whatever you are coaching or consulting in, important is you are getting great results with your Clients and know it is time to spread your expertise further and wider (…and because many people might have told you to write a Book?!)

This unique program involves one 1-on-1 private session followed by 6 small group sessions (up to max 5 people), one per Week, for a total of 6-Weeks, where we work on the following:

1.- Getting Complete Clarity

… on who you are writing the book for, how they will read your Book and what they will do in response to reading your Book!

This is one of the most misunderstood parts of writing a Book the ‘traditional’ way. In this step you will evaluate what it takes to grab your best client’s undivided attention with your Book, so they will want to know more about you and your methods, leading them to want to work with you, over anyone else.

[I take you through a lot of questions, including some you’ve probably never considered before, to define what the outcome for you and your reader, will be]

2.- Setting Marketing in Motion

Don’t’ want to ‘market’ your Book? Well, in simply writing a Book, you are already ‘marketing’ YOU!

So, let’s do it professionally, and bring the Marketing of the Book, customized, in line with the outcome you wish to achieve with writing your Book.

This includes Marketing inside your Book and strategies to always, everywhere be ready to talk about, offer and promote yourself and your Book, including media appearances and interviews, if that is on something you’d like to do.

[I give you my entire marketing system for Instantly positioning yourself as the recognized expert and authority in your field. You also get all the details that show you how to Create Your Message, Hook & Story and Your Positioning Content, Bio and Platform]

3.- The Super Simple Process to Publishing

Learn the super-simple, step by step, process for formatting and publishing your Book on the multi-million member and global buyer platform Amazon, in both versions, Print and Kindle – YES, both! You can do this as early as your manuscript is ready or much later. Detailed instructional Videos are available to watch, 24/7, that make it simple to take this step anytime.

[You can ‘rinse and repeat’ this entire process for any other book you may wish to write in the future, once you know the steps, it’s so simple]


This program is like nothing I’ve seen in the marketplace. It truly is a full end-to-end book writing, publishing and marketing system, customized to you, put in place over just 6-Weeks.

That means it’s not just writing, not just editing, not just formatting, not just publishing, not just marketing…but ALL of the above. And looked at completely so we can make sure that all aspects “gel” and work together well.

The mid-four-figure investment for the program is incredibly low when you add up each of the components separately, which can cost you anywhere up to seven figures, not even considering the years many spend just writing and re-writing their manuscript!

You do NOT need to be a writer and you don’t need to have existing content, although if you have, it’ll make the process even faster for you!

So…are you ACCEPTING this Challenge?

After this Challenge you HAVE a published Book!

Then simply connect and pm me for a messenger exchange of checking if this is right for you and your business and, possibly, you can start the next day, I do have some spots open right now.

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