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Transcribed Content for your Book

Should you use Transcribed Content for your Book?

Should you use Transcribed Content for your Book?

What if I told you that people who teach that is a fast and simple way to write a book by transcribing the modules of your existing program and use the transcriptions as your book chapter content, add a call to action with link and you will attract prospects who will become your clients after some email nurture is WRONG…and here is why:

It is easy to believe that using transcribed text makes a fast and simple way to ‘write’ that book you’ve been thinking about would be your ‘fast track’ to being an author and while you can use content you already have, like webinar videos and podcasts as part of writing your book…

…the truth is there will be three crucial pieces missing!

These crucial pieces are what clients who work with me, for example, put in place BEFORE they start writing or start collecting existing content or transcribing webinars, videos or podcasts.

If you’re thinking about writing a book that raises your Profile, Positions your Expertise and attracts new Clients to you ready to want to work with you, and you want your book finished, published and ready for sale FAST, (and by ‘fast’ I mean weeks NOT months or years!)

…then here’s what that looks like, when clients get my help, for example:

1. First, we determine what outcome you want to achieve with your book: what it is you want your book to do for you.

As I work with and help my clients define their outcome, the outcome they want to achieve with their book, they are always amazed at discovering their own offers and the method they apply to help their clients on a new level, like this client said: ‘Just being able to clearly articulate what it is that I do was one of the benefits I got out of working with Sigrid’s help on my book’


2. The outcome you decide on, tells you for which client, or if you have a variety of client types, which segment of your client base, you need to write your book for, to achieve the outcome you have in mind for your book.

For example, a Nutritionist, who wanted more Women to know about the importance of foods in overall well-being and what food helps with or makes worth being tired, how we feel emotionally, how healthy we are, how susceptible or not to colds and to infections.

By asking more and more questions on what she exactly wanted the book to do for her, it became clear that she would need to focus her book on women in their early 50’s and NOT write her book for ‘all’ of her clients: men, women, children.


3. With that in mind, it is easy to figure out what solution that specific client is looking for, that you offer. Write the book about that solution, using a book title that addresses the solution and divide the book into chapters that break down the solution into easy to follow steps to understand your method, and with that, you are showing your expertise.

At this stage, clients who work with me, take a look at existing content such as webinars, videos, blog or social media posts and choose ONLY those that fit into the outcome that is to be achieved with the book and are about the solution you are going to present to the client you are writing the book for.

When people start collecting and transcribing content for their book BEFORE the steps I’ve just shared are in place, the book does not attract the right person and rarely gets the reader to follow that call to action link that was put in the book to build a list of ‘prospects’ to be nurtured to become clients.

In fact, people who wrote their book with a ‘broad’ audience in mind, for example, men, women, children or small local businesses, online entrepreneurs and start-up businesses (for coaches, for example) no matter what call to action and link is used, rarely will such a book help attract prospects to come forward and want to know more about your services.

Important note: Writing your book with a clear outcome in mind that shares your offer/solution you offer, does NOT mean that you ‘bluntly’ or ‘salesy’ make your offer in the book.

Writing a book with an outcome in mind framework, reliably gets people inquiring about your offer, ready to say ‘yes’ to it, in most cases, without a long email nurture sequence.

…and clients of mine, for example, need approx. 4-5 hours a week to write their book with this method and are ready to publish by 6 weeks.

(…here is a video that explains ‘outcome in mind: CLICK HERE)

I hope what I shared here helps.

And if you are ready to write your book and want my help, simply PM me to see if your book idea and business is a good fit.

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