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If you’re answering the same client questions, day in day out, you might feel like making a recording and just giving that to the next client who’s asking that very question again!

Well, here is a much better way of answering those most often asked client questions and at the same time showing your expertise and authority while also attracting more and new clients to you.

Write a Book that incorporates those most often asked questions you get!

This is how easy it can be: … a sleep coach was answering the same questions at every introduction session she conducted with new prospects. She did not charge for this first session and was keen to make the time with the prospect to get them comfortable about her methods but also to make sure they would understand what’s required of them in the program to overcome sleep issues they have.

The set time for such introduction session was to be 30min but she found herself often going overtime as some people did not always fully understood all the details or asked additional questions that came up because of her answers.

Just as she was about to decide to start charging for that introduction session, we set out to incorporate those questions into the book she wanted to write.

At first she was unsure how frequently asked questions would fit into her book, after all, she wanted to share her message on what sleeping, lack of sleep and interrupted sleep patterns are about but as we defined the outcome she wanted to achieve with her book, it became very clear to her, that incorporating and answering those prospects’ frequently asked questions would make the book a perfect introduction to her service and even give the reader plenty of information to start some of her techniques before they come to her.

Adding frequently asked questions into a book works for almost all coaches, consultants and other experts because you all get some recurring questions.

Answering questions is a great way to show knowledge and expertise and doing so in a book offers a much deeper layer of detail than a recording of one answer per question can do.

In a book you can address frequently asked questions with the detail they deserve to get the reader to understand what you specifically mean and how your service offers the outcome the client is looking for and is very different from other services.


The sleep coach immediately got more new clients, with the publication of her book, and those new clients asked her great questions, after reading her book, that got to the heart of her service and what they needed to bring to the coaching to achieve successful outcomes.

In a similar way, using frequently asked questions as the content for her book got a fantastic outcome for a gardening coach! She was asked to give several media interviews and as a direct result of those, so many new people contacted her to want to work with her, she was fully booked for over 3 months.

Here is how that came about:
We spent considerable time on getting clarity on what her business is about and then more time on refining her offer before she started writing her book.

This ‘digging’ deep into what a client who wants to write a book does in their business, is the very first personalized, one on one step people take when they join my 6-Week Writing & Publishing a Marketing Optimized Book Program.

For this gardening coach that first session had a flow on effect, and this is how she described the power of that session:
‘Just being able to clearly articulate what it is that I do was a major benefit I got out of the 6-Week Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book Program.’

Her book was about answering 77 questions people have about gardening fruit and vegetables. She sent the book as a gift to her local radio station to be mentioned on their gardening program.

The station called her immediately for a live interview. From that one interview, the papers and interstate radio stations picked up on the topic and invited her to interviews.

Frequently asked questions are a great way to be incorporated in any book that a coach, consultant or other expert is writing. Answering questions shows your expertise and let’s the reader of the book get an insight into your specific method of working with clients as well as what type of client you are looking for.


If you want my help to create similar results for your business from your book, I offer a 6-Week Program for experienced coaches and other experts, that includes every step of the planning, writing, publishing and marketing aspect of getting your book into the hands of readers.


I also address, as mentioned above, getting complete clarity on your business model, ideal client and even your service, to make sure it is all fully aligned to achieve the outcome you have in mind.

(here is a video where I describe the four most common outcomes people want to achieve with their book, to watch it:


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