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There’s a major reason why people fall into ‘imposter’ thinking and sometimes see everything they do as ‘faked’ and when it comes to wanting to write a book, are worried they don’t know enough and therefore will be judged. If that is you, I know EXACTLY how you feel and here is how to overcome this:

I wrote and published my third book on the topic of writing a book and placed a lot of details into that book so the reader is able to use my practical approach to writing and marketing their book.

While I’ve fine-tuned my approach to writing, publishing and marketing a book with every client I’ve helped since writing that book, the thought of ‘do I really know what I’m talking about’ does pop up for me, just like for so many others, and when I was recently asked to present on my topic of:
“How you can Write a Book for your Business and Spread your Message Globally”,

… that thinking of: ‘what do I really know here, will it be ‘good enough’ to present on the topic?’ was pleasantly jolted out of my mind when another presenter said to me:

“I read your book and I loved your tip about putting a special page at the very front of your Kindle version with a link to an opt in and collect a list of prospects even if they DON’T buy your Kindle! That is such a ‘cool’ tip and it really shows your knowledge of Marketing!”

This is how one little mention of just one ‘tiny’ (that’s what I considered this tip to be, ‘tiny’!) can make a huge difference for others!

With this, my tip for you is to get over your fear and write that book, if you’ve been thinking about it. The knowledge you have is valuable to others and if you want my help, simply message me and we’ll chat to see if my 6-Week program is right for you.

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