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Are you making the ‘mismatch word’ mistake


Are you making the ‘mismatch’ word mistake when writing your posts?

It is so simple, yet most people make it really, really difficult for themselves by using an unbelievably complicated set of words that mean a lot to the writer but NOTHING to the reader, the potential client, and they make that same mistake when they want to write a book…here is what I mean:

From the time we learn our language, we start associating images with words, for example, should I write that I’ve just planted a new Mulberry tree in my garden, you will get a picture in your mind of a tree. It might not be the picture of a Mulberry tree when you don’t know what that particular tree looks like, and then one of two things happen:

1.- You are interested in trees and read on to see if I describe that tree in more detail and by the way I continue writing, I can keep your interest, or not.

This is such a simple and logic thing to do, yet most people completely miss this when they write a post and instead describe something, related to what they do and what their offer is, that uses words for which we do not have an image and when you then fail to describe what you mean in more detail, you’ve completely lost the reader.

Here some examples:

“Unlocking your potential”

“Achieving business success through people”


There are no actual images for those words or phrases and the ONE way to capture the reader is when you really describe in detail what you mean.

When I saw this in a post recently: “Getting You Into Your New Job”, I asked the writer if he meant that he helps me to make me comfortable to get settled in my new job or if he meant that he helps me get a new job, the response was: ‘both’ but neither was described in more detail.

My tip: write your posts on a specific topic and give details. Explain what you mean so the reader knows exactly if it is for them or not.

And if writing a book is on your ‘to do’ list, how to choose the right topic for your book and a title that captures your reader and exactly HOW to write your book, chapter by chapter, that’s what I help my clients with.

My book writing program takes a unique approach and guides you through ALL the parts, from writing to publishing and marketing – because how to market your book starts with how you wrote it and who for!

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