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Social Media for Local Business – Where to Start and What to Post Are you asking yourself these questions: What really is Social Media ….and is it for me? Where do I need to be and where not? What do I post and how long does it all take? This […]

You and LinkedIn

How is LinkedIn Transforming Companies? by Sigrid de Kaste LinkedIn put together a visual story of how LinkedIn users are transforming their businesses and they’ve done a pretty good job! In this slideshow LinkedIn focuses on 3 main areas: Hire – Marketing – Sell Are these three areas you’d like […]

All Advertising

It’s All in Your Advertising… Some business owners will tell you “Advertising does NOT work!” …. by Sigrid de Kaste Is that really true…do you feel like that? In order to get your advertising to work  you really need to understand what makes it work…oh…and be clear about it…you are […]

How to get more business

  Want to get more Business with Social Media? Local businesses can be confused…more business from Social Media…how?   How is that possible? Isn’t Social Media just a lot of time spent on Facebook? Navigating a new Social Media Platform every week is NOT your average local business owner’s preferred […]

Awesome Facebook Updates

Are you on Facebook with your Business? by Sigrid de Kaste Have you embraced Social Media at least on Facebook…the talk of Business town? How are you going with your Facebook up dates? Do you sometimes struggle to get your posts done…don’t know what to share…don’t get the interaction you […]

Google Inside Information

Here is How Google Search Works by Sigrid de Kaste Google Search is the way you and I go about our online searching for people, things and places and how Google pops up suggestions for us …knowing the details on how search works is, of course, totally relevant for us […]

More Celebrations

Happy Birthday Stickybeak! by Sigrid de Kaste We continue to celebrate Stickybeak turning 3 …woohoo…come and join the festivities!   Leave your “Present” for Stickybeak in the comments section…and be in the draw for some great prizes We’ll announce some of the Winners here Looking forward to your suggestions!   […]

Happy Birthday Stickybeak

We’re Celebrating…Stickybeak is turning 3! …by Sigrid de Kaste We’re celebrating and we’d like YOUR present to us to be: Your thoughts and ideas on what Stickybeak stands for or what pops up in your mind when you hear the name Stickybeak! Stickybeak started 3 years ago…Feb the 15th 2010 […]

Is this Your Social Media Strategy?

Facebook… Google+…Twitter…Linked…Pinterest… Where are you and Why?… Navigating a new Platform almost every week….adding news and info regurlarly…. What’s your Social Media Strategy?? If you currently are doing a lot of posting for little return….the real question behind the lack of love is do you have a strategy, is it […]