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I'm having a Problem

I’m having a Problem

I'm having a Problem getting Traction with my Book I got an email that started: “I’m having a problem getting traction with my book” What that usually means is, there are not the sales the person had hoped for. And yes, that was mentioned in the very next sentence in [...]
Write a Book to get Clients

Book to get Clients

Write a Book to get Clients Here is what you need to know if you are in business and thinking of writing a Book to get Clients: Simply putting calls to action throughout the book like: ‘Go to my website for more’, or ‘Contact me here’, or maybe “Grab my [...]
Marketing before Writing

Marketing before Writing your Book

Marketing before Writing Are you following marketing hints and tips from posts in social media? How is that working for you? Often people give hints and tips on Marketing who are not Marketers and yet people take the tips on board without question! This applies to tips about writing, publishing [...]
Getting Your book Printed

Getting your Book Printed

Getting Your Book Printed Since the start of this year, there have been quite a few posts in social media by people who have written and published their first book. Each time the person is excitedly showing off the boxes they received with the first print run of their books. [...]
Different People have Different Reasons

Different Reasons for Writing a Book

Different People have Different Reasons for Writing a Book I was recently reminded of a very different situation, a situation where different people having different reasons for writing a book and people asking themselves certain questions, or not, around what they want a book to do. Different people have different [...]

Writing to get a Response

Being Visible with your Content in Particular with your Book Being Visible with your Content and in particular your Book In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary things, the average and all that is NOT on our [...]