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Here is what you need to know if you are in business and thinking of writing a Book to get Clients:
Simply putting calls to action throughout the book like: ‘Go to my website for more’, or ‘Contact me here’, or maybe “Grab my free Videos via this link’, is not the way to do it.
Let me tell you why.
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A business coach, a sales trainer and a Mindset coach had written their book with a company that promoted itself as helping coaches become well known for their expertise and get clients by following their year-long program to write & publish a book.

The three coaches mentioned above paid and did that program, following it to the letter. Each wrote a book that gave an overview of their way of coaching, the techniques they used and why their method worked.

These coaches were guided to place several links to free worksheets after most chapters in their book.

They were also told, placing even more links throughout the book for the reader to go to website pages and watch videos or do questionnaires, would get them clients.

The idea of putting links to free offers is, of course, that each time the reader follows a link and gets to a page, they have to first sign up to access the promised free material.

This is the long-standing way of ‘building a list’ of prospects that you then ‘nurture’, meaning, you have to send regular emails with more free tips, tools, worksheets and videos to ‘warm up’ these leads.

Such lead nurturing ‘advice’ may also include telling you that at some point you should start introducing a product offer in the emails.
For example, you send 3 or 5 emails that each introduce a next step or idea that the ‘soon to be launched’ product will offer a ‘pre-launch’ special price. (This particular ‘warm up’ process is also widely used in FB Group ‘Masterclasses’.)

The point me sharing these coaches’ details is, that simply putting links into the book is not really ‘the book’ bringing you clients!

Totally ok to use this method of placing links into the book for the reader to get more information, and even for the reader to have to sign up first to get on your ‘list’, is ok.

This method got the business coach and the sales trainer both a list each of close to 1000 leads. The mindset coach did not do quite so well. He only got 358 leads into his lists.

(The reason? Read my post on that here):


Before I share a much better way of getting clients from your book, you need to know, all three coaches ‘gave away’ their books at large events the company they had worked with to write their book, held over a period of six months.

Between these coaches, they told me, they got 2 or 3 actual clients from their book and the lists they had built.

A better way to write a book that will get you clients is to start with a clear outcome in mind.

(I explain what exactly ‘outcome in mind’ means, in this Video, top of page):


When a sleep coach came to me to write a book, he explained his method of helping people sleep deeper and wake up fully refreshed is praised by his clients and they kept telling him to write a book to let more people know about it.

Then, as he went through my questioning process in session one of my program, he decided, he’d like to get clients from his book.
There are three things that a book that gets you clients, needs to have.

(With those three things in place, you should get at least one person contact you wanting to work with you, after they read your book, for every five books sold (or given away, whichever method you use)

#1 – The topic you write on needs to be your main coaching, consulting or training program. That’s the topic you want to be known for and raise awareness around that your method is perfect for your clients. Using your main topic then makes it easy to choose an attention catching title. A title that is clearly understood by your ideal client what it means and they immediately know they need to read your book

(In another post I explain how that worked for a Nutritionist who joined my Write & Publish a Marketable Book in 6-Weeks or less Program):


#2 – Whatever style you write in, important is it is conversational and has a personal tone that draws the reader into a conversation with you. That’s the way to build trust and bond with the reader. Telling stories and sharing details of your method makes you the expert in the eye of the reader.


#3 – Deciding and describing just one step to take or way to contact you, or work with you, or join a group you have, just one clear ‘call to action’ makes it simple, easy and direct for the reader to actually do that: contact you!


If you’re thinking about writing a book and you’d like to get clients from it, at least one client per five books sold (or given away) here’s my offer:

It’s a 6- Week Program where I work with you 1:1 the first session, to find the exact outcome you have in mind so when you start writing you know what steps you need to ask your reader to take to connect with you.

Over the next 6 weekly small group sessions (up to 5 people per group) we will work on what title will hook your reader, how exactly to write your chapters, fast and easy, (I have a special questioning method for this!) and you get to know in detail how to publish your book for full control over every aspect of your book. We also work on how and what marketing, other than the calls to action inside your book, you are best to use and I show you how Amazon will promote your book for you, for free.

Good candidates for this program will be people who provide coaching, consulting, or done-with-you services.

They’ll also be people who have plenty of experience helping people in their area of expertise (as getting clients from your book is only one outcome you can achieve, becoming more widely known, being asked to speak and even interviewed in the media, are all outcomes clients have experienced!).

Finally, the process I teach can help you to write another book and another, if you wish, on your own, anytime, because this program is also recorded online and you’ll have lifetime access to it.

Just PM me if interested in this offer. It will be a quick chat to see if you’re a fit (we don’t have to get on a call), and if so, enrolment is fast and easy and we have our 1:1 session the very same week and get your six group calls scheduled.

Can’t wait to chat with you!

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