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Stop hesitating to write

Here is the Biggest Danger you Face, when you Hesitate…

STOP hesitating to write your book because…
Here is the biggest danger you face,
when you hesitate and think you are not quite ready yet
to write your book…you wait and wait and wait…
biggest danger you face

… until someone else in your industry will write that book and the exact topic you wanted to write about becomes the number two. Even though it isn’t , it may look like you did follow what someone else has already done, instead of you being the first and standing out with your knowledge and expertise and this almost happened to Jenny!

Jenny had thought about writing a book for over four years. As an executive coach, many coaches she knows had already written a book and had told her that they had managed to raise their profile with their book each time they were invited to speak at events.

What made Jenny hesitate?

The biggest issue for Jenny was that she had so much on her mind that she wanted to write about but no way how to get started.
Finally she went on a 2-day book writing weekend which gave her the push and started her off writing. At that weekend course she was told to schedule a time into her diary and write every day.

Making time to write every day is something that comes up in the movies. And those movies are usually about a fiction writer who is highly paid for her work and under pressure to finish that next book. Often in such movies the fiction writer ends up taking time out and traveling to a deserted island so that ‘inspiration’ comes and the book can get finished.

I’m not sure if that actually happens like that for real life fiction writers, meaning the ‘inspiration’ coming when in an isolated spot, but I can tell you that is NOT the way to write an expert status business book that is to attract clients with ease, expand your authority and your business!
And Jenny got promptly stuck with her writing after just 2 weeks back on her own. Doubts if she could actually write well and thoughts like: “What will other executive coaches say about my book? Am I good enough to write a book?” crept in and then she got totally lost on what exactly what she wanted to write about and she stopped writing all together.


Writing a business book is just like starting a business.

You don’t just ‘start’ the business, you decide what you want to achieve with your business and then you do the research to see if what you want to offer has a demand in the market and will sell. You investigate who would want to buy your offers and where they would be looking for your offer.


In other words, you start with a strategy and a plan, based on research if there is actually a demand for your offer.

Writing an expert status business book in which you share your expertise works in the same way.

Jenny knew people wanted a book from her about her expertise because her clients kept telling her to write one.

She was already successful in her business with happy clients and she could demonstrate that her coaching helped her clients become better leaders and achieve their targets without stress.

Being a female in the executive coaching field, she wanted to write a book about her experiences with clients, about the method she uses to work with clients and show that she had valuable knowledge to help more people in their executive roles, even as a female in a fairly male dominated coaching niche!

(and yes, this was a bit about the male/female imbalance in that industry)

The first thing that got Jenny back on track, when she started working with me to write her book, was my strategic approach instead of the ‘just writing what comes to mind’ approach.

And by now she was in a bit of a ‘hurry’ to get this book started and finished because she knew of two other coaches in her field writing their book and she wanted to be published before them.

We started with my framework and strategy that allows you to write your book to achieve exactly the outcome you want to achieve.

Jenny was surprised how quickly she had her book chapters mapped out after that and with the clarity on who exactly the book would be for, she wrote in one block five chapters in one afternoon.


No getting ‘stuck’ or thoughts of ‘will this be good enough’ or ‘waiting a bit longer’ for the right time, we worked on Jenny’s positioning inside the book and for her marketing over four weeks.


I also coach you on publishing and show you the exact steps to have your book cover and manuscript done, uploaded and ready for purchase on Amazon’s multi-million member platform.


Jenny launched her book in week 5 of my 6-week program and got launch day support from the other clients in my program at the time.


Jenny got her book finished and published over 8 months before the next coach she knew about published his, which was on a similar topic.


This enabled her getting the full interest of people and 3-4 interviews on podcasts and online events in her niche.


She was surprised to get new clients, at least two, each time she was interviewed and talked about her book. After six months of promoting her book and herself, she was fully booked with clients. ROI for joining my ‘Write & Publish an Expert Status Book’ was tenfold in that time.

Writing a book with Inspiration is one thing, writing with a plan offers a clear framework and with that a predictable writing and publishing timeframe.

If you want my help to get your book finished now and create similar results to Jenny’s for your business, for experienced coaches and other experts I offer a 6-Week Write & Publish an Expert Status Book that helps Attract New Clients With Ease.

Just PM me if you’re interested in this offer and we’ll chat to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business.

And if you’re interested in checking out my methods more first, go through some of the posts right HERE

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