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Different People have Different Reasons

Different Reasons for Writing a Book

Different People have Different Reasons for Writing a Book I was recently reminded of a very different situation, a situation where different people having different reasons for writing a book and people asking themselves certain questions, or not, around what they want a book to do. Different people have different [...]

Writing to get a Response

Being Visible with your Content in Particular with your Book Being Visible with your Content and in particular your Book In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary things, the average and all that is NOT on our [...]
Two Ways to Market your Expertise

Two Ways Marketing You

COMPARING TWO WAYS OF MARKETING YOUR EXPERTISE Let’s Compare two ways to market your expertise...   #1 – The most used approach is to get the most amount of prospects: People who want to get more clients make “list building” posts saying "Want my free training on how to get [...]

Why you don’t need to know this

WHY YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT BEFORE YOU START WITH ME HERE’S WHY PEOPLE THINK THEY NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT BEFORE THEY START WRITING THEIR BOOK ...and how that dramatically changed that for a Nutritionist Speaking to at least three people per week [...]
Judging Ourselves

Judging Ourselves

JUDGING OURSELVES Often people judge themselves without needing to, ...thinking what they know, or what they want to write a book about might not be as good as what someone else has already written on that subject. This judgement might be out of fear of not measuring up to other [...]

Not Enough People

When Not Enough People Know About You WHEN NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU   ...and how to fix that with a Book When Sue was made redundant, she decided to become a Social Media Coach. She was experienced in using Social Media, specifically to promote events, as she had [...]