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How to Get Started

Ignite your Authorship: Here is How to get started!

Do you feel embarking on the journey of writing your book could be a thrilling endeavor?

It might feel that way because even though you don’t know what lies ahead you imagine the outcome to be instant recognition of who you are and expert status, being the ‘go to’ person everyone wants to talk to because of your book.

The astonishing fact is, out of 10 people who tell me they want to write a book or that they have an idea for a book, every single one asks:

“How do I get started?”

…and yet, less than one of those ten will seriously search for the answer.


You see, when I press for details around what they mean by ‘getting started’, I get ten different answers.

  • For example, one might say, oh, I know how to start writing but I’m not sure I will be motivated enough to keep writing.
  • Another might say: ‘I have so many ideas and could write several books, so I don’t know how to choose one.’
  • I also get something like this: ‘I’m not sure my English is good enough; I might have to do a writer’s course first.’
  • And of course, the one around time: ‘I don’t know if I can keep making the time to write, it’s quite busy in my business right now.’

The truth is, if you don’t start with a plan, you won’t know how much time you might need to write, for example, or which of your book ideas is most powerful to position your brand.

Without a plan you can’t map out the steps you need to take and so your motivation might easily falter because one negative remark by a well-meaning friend might stop you writing all together.

The first step to ignite your authorship is to clarify what you want to achieve by having a book.

Begin by asking yourself what you want your book to do for you and that will let you see clearer what message or story you are passionate about sharing with the world.

With that on your mind, imagine you’re on a stage telling loads and loads of people in front of you what this message is and why it matters.
Can you see yourself passionately sharing your vision?

Sharing your unique perspective?

Your book should be a reflection of your unique perspective, expertise, or creativity.

You see, for loads of people it is easier NOT to stop and take the time to explore such thoughts and instead let time go by, only dreaming about the success of having a book.

Igniting your authorship begins with a clear idea, a well-organized plan and the drive to share your vision, message or story and here is exactly how you can do that in a safe, supportive environment and get direct, customized feedback on your idea:

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