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The Marketing Optimized Book Writing Method

Unlock your success: The Marketing Optimized Book Writing Method

Unlock your Success: The Marketing-Optimized Book Writing Method

Are you dreaming of writing a book that not only tells your story but shares your vision and strategically positions you as an authority in your field?

If that’s what you want to achieve you require a very different approach to your writing than the traditional and actually outdated writing & publishing guidelines and courses will tell you and here is why…

You see, writing a book about a topic close to your heart you want to share with the world begins with a well-thought-out plan.

You want to plan WHAT is to be achieved with your book and that, just like starting and running a business, is all about setting up your marketing.

I get it, the oh, so ‘feel good’ idea that ‘all it takes is to write and the readers and success will come’ idea prevails however, from personal experiences I can share, that is NOT the way it works.

What does work is planning your positioning and crafting a narrative that aligns with your brand, speaks to your audience, and opens doors to new opportunities.

The Marketing-Optimized approach considers the broader picture, integrating marketing strategies right from the planning phase.

For example, with women who are already well established in their business and ready to write a book to be further and wider recognized for their expertise, we plan the book topic, the book title and even the book cover ‘look’ with the established business in mind.

The book planning focuses on further building the brand and that includes how the book will be made available to readers and where, for example.
Women who get my help, never ‘sell’ their book, but have their book ‘sell’ them and their expertise.

Now, let’s say a woman comes to me that’s not yet well established in her business and wishes to use her book to become well known, create credibility for her methods and wants to impact with her expertise, we look at all she has currently in place (or not?) and start putting things in place.

For example, the website might not yet be fully finished, GREAT, an opportunity to align its creation with the topic of the book and beyond.

Sometimes the woman’s brand story is not yet well written, GREAT, we can build it together which is often so much easier when she simply needs to respond to my questioning rather than trying to determine herself what’s important to share and what not so.

You see, I’m looking at the ‘Big Picture’ with you, writing your book, so you might experience exactly the outcome you have in mind by being an author.

And if that’s what you want, experience a supportive and enjoyable book writing and publishing journey, let’s have a chat.

A Book has Power & Magic
…and I believe that every Woman in Business has an empowering story to tell, and that sharing that story through a Book can elevate your Leadership & make a Huge Positive Impact in the World.

So, let me help you:

  • Tell your Story
  • Share your Vision
  • Impact & Inspire with your Book

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