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Will my Book Idea Work

A Common Question I get: Will my Book Idea Work?

Here is a common question I get often in messenger: ‘Will my book idea work?’

Firstly, let’s be clear about WHAT type of book you are thinking about writing, here are three examples:

1.- Is it a ‘fiction’ book you are thinking about writing? Is it a novel, sci-fi or fantasy story?

Writing a fiction book does take a lot of time, skill and effort and if you do not plan on exactly who (what type of reader) you are writing the book for and you do not make any book launch and marketing plans BEFORE you start writing, you may well ‘sit’ on your book, once it’s finished.

…and by ‘sit’ I mean, you may have a difficult time to make sales in a way it returns you any money.

This is a situation where your ‘book idea’ may not work, not in the way you hope for.

2.- Is your book going to be about an ‘experience’ you had, something that changed your life, something that made you stronger or taught you a ‘lesson’?

If you are thinking about writing a book about an experience you’ve had and you think: ‘loads of people will want to know about it’, put that thought aside and think instead:

WHO exactly are these ‘loads of people’ who will want to know about your experiences and why do they want to know?

You’ll also want to figure out WHERE these people are looking for a book like you wish to write, before you start writing.

In other words, you really need to do a lot of ‘audience’ research to gauge what people are already saying about the topic.

One important element for you to have in place, if you want to write a book about an experience you had, is a large following of people on social media.

If you can make use of a large community of followers to promote you and your book, you may have a chance of getting people interested in your book that’s specifically written about your experience.

In this case, your book idea MAY work but you better be prepared for some deep, detailed research and planning, specially around how you’re going to market it, before you start writing.

3.- If you’re a coach or consultant, established in your business and you’ve got a proven method to help your clients, people around you may have told you for some time you should write a book, because what you do gets great results, and more people should know about it.

If this is you, and you’ll message me with the ‘will my book idea work’ question, I’ll ask you a few questions about it and in most cases, it will be a ‘YES, it will work’, from me, and here is why:

People already established in their business who get my help, make their book idea ‘work’ from the time we start in a 1:1 detailed, deep dive planning session about what you want the book to do for you.

I will ask you loads of questions around and about your business, your clients and what specifically you do to help your clients.

The interesting thing is, as you share those details with me, your book idea becomes clearer and clearer, as will your confidence that you can actually write a book.

The next thing people usually experience is a huge enthusiasm to WANT to make it work, even if their original ‘book idea’ has changed as a result of my questioning.

Typically, such a change of idea happens when coaches are initially focused on wanting to write about ‘everything’ they do and want to write their book for ‘everyone’ so as not to exclude any potential enquiries and clients as a result of the book.

You will be completely clear on WHAT to write about, how much to write and in what style to write, when we map out your book chapters.

This clarity allows you to write your book over the coming 12-Weeks in your own time while we work together, bi-weekly, now in a small group, (max 5 people) on your marketing strategy and plan.

Your marketing strategy and plan is the driver behind really ‘making your book’ work.

For example, when I wrote my second book, I wanted the book to help me build my marketing agency.

Knowing that, I decided that I wanted to attract businesses where the owner was doing the marketing and needed a combination of ‘done for you’ marketing services and learning more about marketing so they could do it themselves.

This information helped me determine that my marketing strategy for that book would best be to use networking and speaking at events to draw attention to my book and offer sign up links inside the book to build a list of prospects for my marketing services.

That book idea ‘worked’.

That book helped me position myself and my marketing agency as the first choice in the area I wanted to get clients.

So, if writing a book is on your mind, and your question is ‘will my book idea work’, I hope these tips help!

And if you’re a coach or consultant established in your business with a proven method and happy clients, I have a complete, proven formula and framework that brings the entire process of writing, publishing and marketing your book together, so your book idea ‘works’.

In addition, what I’ve already described before, with my help, you will also complete publishing your book, both in Kindle and Paperback, on Amazon, the multi-million member book publishing platform, with potential global buyers for your book.

We make sure nothing is missing, and your book writing journey is smooth and simple to follow, almost like a ‘map’, or like a personalized ‘paint by numbers’ canvas, WITHOUT it being a generic ‘template’!

If that is something you’d like to experience and make your book idea work, you can get my help by simply booking a chat to see if this is a good fit for you and your book idea. Click Here to find a time and day

…and if you’d like to ‘go it alone’, I hope this has helped you decide if your book idea ‘will work’!

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