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Build Your Local Business with a Book

Your Book can Grow Your Local Business Watch this short Video by Sigrid de Kaste, 2x #1 International Bestselling Author, Marketing Coach and Consultant and Director of Stickybeak Marketing and Sandra Spence, Midwife and Breastfeeding Councellor, publisher of Natural Pregnancy Magazine and Coach helping Natural Practitioners set up their own successful clinic: […]

Your Book Your Business Card

Stand out with your Book as your Business Card! Imagine, using your book to introduce yourself instead of same old, same old, business card? You are at a networking event and see the person you really want to connect with. You grab your book, walk up to him or her […]

Become an Author

Become an Author and Make a Difference in the Life of a Child There are many ways to become an Author. Most often the Author has a Passion, Vision or Mission and decides to write about it so the Passion, Vision or Mission can be shared as far and wide […]

LinkedIn Profile

Here is a short Video about: How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile   Using LinkedIn regularly can be an important aspect of your Social Media Marketing Ideally you want to post updates on several Social Media Platforms so you stay top of mind for your prospects One more thing […]

The Let’s Talk Tech Show

What is ‘The Let’s Talk Tech Show’ and Why should you Check it out? Are you a start up business, entrepreneur or business owner who often doesn’t understand the technology you  need to achieve the goals you have set, specially online and for Social Media? …or have you heard heaps about Pod-casting but […]

Multi Channel Marketing Adidas & Nike

Here’s an example of Multi Channel Marketing in Action by the ‘big guys’ and how you can use it in your Marketing! If you have not already done so, CLICK HERE and download our latest FREE Multi Channel Marketing Blueprint Multi Channel Marketing is all about being on the platform your […]

Start Up Business

I’m a start up business, how can I market myself low Cost? Starting a Business should include setting a Marketing Budget. While there are low cost activities you can do, with a budget you start your business on serious and solid footing     Hi. I’m Sigrid de Kaste with […]

Fully Mobile Website

Mobile Marketing

How does mobile marketing attract new clients? Mobile marketing, what is it? Well, your clients, your customers are mobile. They use mobile phones, they use tablets, they use their laptops on the go. Mobile Phones are used 24 hours a day, make use of this opportunity and reach more clients […]