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The Let’s Talk Tech Show

What is ‘The Let’s Talk Tech Show’ and Why should you Check it out?

Are you a start up business, entrepreneur or business owner who often doesn’t understand the technology you  need to achieve the goals you have set, specially online and for Social Media?

…or have you heard heaps about Pod-casting but don’t really know where to start and if it is even for you?

Then ‘The Let’s Talk Tech Show’ is for you!

Winnie Anderson discovered, when setting up her own business after leaving her corporate career behind, that ‘knowing she had to do everything, including the ‘tech stuff’ herself, in her new business…

…but knowing she had to do it and really KNOWING are two different things!

Really knowing happens when you get stuck with technology just when you most rely on it working for you and you don’t know what to ask for when you ask for help!

Here a couple of situations you may be able to relate to…

  • …buying a training program that was supposed to teach you how to do something or achieve some outcome, only to get verwhelmed by all the technology needed in addition to the program you bought to really accomplish the goal
  • …spending dozens — maybe hundreds of hours — trying to figure out how to create a website and put your profiles on social media sites.
  • …figuring out email systems, autoresponders, and shoppingcarts
  • …trying to write sales copy…trying to create a sales funnel….

So Winnie simply decided to launch “The Let’s Talk Tech Show’

You can listen to her latest Interviews, regularly announced both on the website:


and also on her FB Page go to (click the picture):

The Let's Talk Tech Show


The Let’s Talk Tech Show is a weekly show that demystifies the software, services, systems, and apps needed to run and grow a profitable business today

Winnie created the show specifically for the corporate escapee and the career changers who are experts in their own speciality but who are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the technology needed to do anything today

In the course of setting up her Podcast Winnie recorded the steps it takes and particularly for people who need to be clear on their idea of what their Podcast could be about, she’s created a training course

But click here and register your interest for the next one, they fill up fast!

You are encouraged to send in your questions, so make sure you jump over to the FB Page and get yours in on the next upcoming Show!

Hop on over to the website, read Winnie’s inspiring story and journey how she got to be successful!

The Let’s Talk Tech Show



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