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Can you update your own Website?

Have you ever asked yourself: Can I update my own WordPress Website?

Got a new Website and wonder how to update text, pictures or add a Video?

Or are you one of the many business owners who tell me: I’ve not changed anything on my website because every little change my web designer charges for!

Obviously, we all want to get paid for our work – and most business owners are very happy when they first receive their website and pay for it

…however for some reason any text, image or other type of changes a web designer is asked to do, is NOT perceived as having high value!

The most often mentioned reason for wanting to update a Website is that’s it’s “not working”!

Here is a short Video that offers you 5 Important Tips you need to consider BEFORE you do any updates on your website

Simply click and watch the 11 min Video NOW:

Website Update Video

Well, with so many fantastic changes and additions to technology, I can reveal:

There is a Simple Way YOU and every business owner who would like to be in charge of their website CAN update your own website, really easy!

  • Imagine, you have the knowledge and control to make any change to your site you wish?
  • With the simple click of the mouse, hover over an area and you can change text
  • Set up beautiful background colours or photos, even videos!
  • Move an ‘element’ from one side of the page to the other
  • Create shapes, buttons and boxes for specific programs and information
  • Every part of your page is within your control –

…and NO this is NOT another FREE website platform – this is YOUR WordPress Website

Do you have a WordPress Website?

Was is set up for you?

Then, with just TWO SMALL adjustments we can turn it into a site YOU have full update control over!

What are these Adjustment


Want to know more?
Would like to ask if this is right for you?

Simply book a Marketing Strategy Session – no Charge!

…and no, I’m NOT going to twist your arm to take this! We’ll discuss what you have and if this suits you!

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