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Do you want more from LinkedIn?

*Price has slightly changed since I recorded this video. For correct, current pricing see further down the page

Do you have 101 Questions, some like these perhaps:

  • How should I use LinkedIn?
  • What Does My Profile Have to Look Like?
  • What Type of Content Should I Post?
  • How Often Should I Post?
  • What’s the Best Time to Post?
  • How Do I Get More Followers?
  • Does LinkedIn posting Affect SEO?
  • Should I Connect With Everyone?
  • LinkedIn automation tools, yes or no?

Where do you find the Right and Relevant LinkedIn Organic Marketing Information?

I’m glad you asked!

As a Marketing Consultancy, Stickybeak Marketing does Research, receives up-dates and looks at the latest Social Media Marketing Statistics, and in particular LinkedIn, on a regular basis

We spend the time and resources because we need and use this information for our clients

Here is how YOU can take Advantage and tap into these resources for YOUR business:

When the LinkedIn ‘gurus tell you: “Post great content and give lots of value in your posts, people will connect with you and want to become your client’’, you’re being told LIES and here is why:

Whatever you post on LinkedIn, waiting for people to see and comment on your post depends on the people FIRST commenting on your post before the people you wish to connect with, see your posts!


Yes, I know, sounds totally contradictory but here is how the algorithm works vs what the LinkedIn ‘guru’ tells you:

Once you hit the button ‘post’ and your content goes ‘live’ LinkedIn will show it to a select, small group of people from your contacts list.


  • You do not know WHICH group of people will see your post first


  • You do not know if those people, even if they are your ‘target’ client, are online and checking their LinkedIn feed at that point in time


  • You do not know if those first contacts seeing your post are looking exactly for that post topic at that point in time


So, in summary, you have NO influence on who is going to see your valuable content first and so you do not know if LinkedIn will show that post in a second round through the feed to people who WANT to read your valuable content.


No one knows that and no one can predict that – what we CAN predict is, that if you surround yourself with a group of like minded people who you trust and want to support and who equally trust and want to support YOU then you can work with the algorithm to start showing your valuable content to more people and the right people, those that do want what you post about, will connect and contact you.

(…and most likely, a lot of those LinkedIn ‘gurus’ started exactly that way and may perhaps not even realize it!)


If you are keen to be seen by more people on LinkedIn and learning how to use LinkedIn and all it’s features and getting the latest algorithm and feature updates in a timely manner then here is my invitation:


Join The LinkedIn Hub with me


We meet once a month online to share our experiences, share what worked and what not and compare that to market research data we have.


At each monthly meeting you get to ask any questions you have around your posting, how to set up your profile, your banner, your about section – everything you need to know about how to use LinkedIn as we know it needs to be used right now.


Learn how to use each LinkedIn feature and which are useful features and which are not, for example, LinkedIn articles (different to posts) have their place BUT do you know what that is?


You join a group of like-minded people who seek support and are willing to give that support to others by commenting relevant and sensible comments on each other’s posts.


You will have access to each monthly meeting recording online.


You will also have access to other relevant and useful  LinkedIn ‘how to’ videos and downloads online. For example, videos that show you how to use hashtags appropriately and to your benefit and not just ‘randomly’.


AND you only need to post 1-3x a week maximum! Yes, more posts does NOT mean more views, in fact, it means less views for your posts on LinkedIn!

Let's do LinkedIn - Fast & Easy LinkedIn Organic Marketing Program!

How to set Yourself up on LinkedIn

  • Clarity on what you want to achieve on LinkedIn
  • How your Profile needs to be set up
  • What goes into the About and Experience Sections
  • Connecting: with Who, Why and When

Exactly What to Post & When

  • What topic is right for you to post
  • Image, Text Only or Video, which to use
  • Discover the most viewed Topics
  • What can your posts achieve for you?
  •  Industry specific Tips & Tools to use

How to Connect & with Who

  • Who are the right Connections for you
  • How to connect and what to say
  • Follow up and nurture without automation
  • Powerful Personal Messaging, NO silly scripts!

How it works:

  • Make your Payment – it’s for 3 months – YES, you get 3 months Membership
  • You receive Access to the ‘Let’s do LinkedIn’ WhatsApp Group
  • The members support each other with commenting on each other’s posts
  • We set a timeframe within which to post so we can comment
  • Attend the monthly News and Data Research up dates – ONE zoom meeting per month
  • Bring your questions to those meetings (If you can’t make the meeting, they are recorded)
  • Any LinkedIn algorithm updates we know of, you will know of
  • At the monthly meeting updates and news about LinkedIn are shared
  • And we compare as a group our stats to better understand and act upon them
  • You’ll get updates on what post topics work best and how to post
  • All of this for (3) three months:

AU$ 160 – – UK£ 89 – – US$ 125

Jump in NOW!

You will be sent to a paypal link and pay in US dollars. If you are in Australia, contact me direct if you need a GST Invoice and you’ll receive via Xero. Email:

The Information you get is Highly Relevant for Any Business!

Once again thank you for your help and getting me moving on LinkedIn!

I have now had my first client come from LinkedIn and made an appointment for accounting.
Had the appointment today and one signed up business client.

Pat Robards, Accountant Advisor

Good email content – this is interesting stuff … its important to know of these changes.
Sue Parker, DARE Group Australia

Thanks for the up-date, Sigrid!
Charmaine Renaud,

The LinkedIn update came just in time for me this week! Thank you so much!
Martin Best, The 3:4 Code of Inspiration