Boost your Brand with a Book

Boost your Brand with a Book

The Simple Steps that make writing with me and my Framework so Smooth, Fast & Effective:

People who get my help experience a start-to-finish proven framework from planning and writing your book, through to publishing and marketing it fast, WITHOUT compromising on quality of content!

Hello, great to see you here!

…it is exciting that you want to know more about how to write an excellent book that will position your expertise and boost your brand and authority!

(…and by excellent I mean, the topic you’re writing about will show you as the person who has the experience and proven expertise to transform the reader with impact, in a way they are looking for.)

You are in the right place, if you know it it time to share your message in a book and give more people access to your knowledge and how you serve your clients, (maybe you want to write so the readers of your book can help themselves or mostly so they might choose to contact you to want to work with you!)

Whatever your specific purpose for writing your book is, most likely you would also like your book help raise your Profile further and Position your Authority!

(…and perhaps the people around you have said you should write a book?)

And maybe you would also like to have your book stand out and present your brand, so when you offer your book at seminars, events and presentations, that you are recognized and invited to speak on your topic of expertise?

Or is it most important to you, that your book represents your methodology as your legacy and perhaps the occasional media interview sounds attractive because that way your message is spread far and wide for many (a global audience?!) to hear about?

Whichever way, most people in business have the intention to write a book ‘one day’ but never get ‘around’ to it because they think it takes a lot of time.

It is such a mystery to so many value offering coaches and experts who either don’t know at all where to start and leave writing their book, month after month, year after year, or they follow a rocky path, spend a lot of time and money writing and publishing a book (some even pay a lot extra to become a bestseller!) and then discover people are not particularly interested in their book and forever wonder why.

I’ve personally discovered the power of being the author of a book, three times, with each book written on a different topic for a different audience, each one became an international number one bestseller and that success led me to turn my book writing, publishing and marketing a book experience, into a proven framework and now clients who write their book with me can’t believe how fast and simple it is to write and achieve the outcome they have in mind with their book without the OVERWHELM they felt before they asked for my help.

So, these are three things I do differently that give my clients a smooth writing and publishing experience:

1.- Before writing even ONE word of your book, getting my help, you’ll tap deep into WHY you want to write and what specifically you want to achieve with your book.

My process focuses you on the outcome you want to achieve and shows you what you need to write the book about. Working on this with me you’ll discover, as if by magic, exactly what needs to go into each chapter of your book, which in turn, makes it so smooth and fast to write the entire book.


2.- With my help you’ll complete all (3) three Phases of getting your Book in Place:
1) You will Write your Book,,
2) With my help you will Publish your Book, both in Print & Kindle
3) And we set up your Book Launch & Marketing Strategy, so you are ready to promote your Impact delivering and Client attracting Expertise Book.

Your expertise will be seen and recognized by even more people and they get to know about you and your amazing work.

This is conveniently all in the one program, which makes it a fast, smooth and a connected experience without the stop and start disconnect of working on each phase with a different service or person.

Instead you’ll stay ‘in-the-flow’ writing to make an Impact!


3.- The proven framework I help you to write your book with is Fast & Effective because it’s ‘mapped out’ for you, like a personalized ‘paint by numbers’ canvas, you simply connect the dots without it being a generic ‘template’. NO squishing you into a one-size-fits-all template, you’re free to follow your intuition on the details you’re writing about.



And here is what that looks like, in more detail:

—First: You have to start with Clarity on Exactly what outcome you want to achieve with the book. This is the most important part and everything else depends on this one because clarity of outcome points you automatically to the next step. (This is the hardest part for most people, and if you don’t have this figured out, the rest will rarely work correctly.)

For example, the outcome I wanted to achieve with my first book was to show my experience and expertise in finding the right people to work with and build loyal teams. That book brought me 5 high ticket contracts in the first week of publishing it.


—Next: You decide on who you need to write the book for in order to achieve that outcome. In nearly every instance, the outcome you want to achieve (you decided on in previous step) points you automatically to who you need to write the book for.

For my first book, for example, the audience were local businesses.


—Now do your Research what that person wants right now, that you can help them get/you have the solution for. It is important to be specific in this step.

For me, those local businesses, who were the audience for my first book, were struggling with finding conscientious and loyal staff who would be excellent at their job, and I had a proven way to find and keep such people.


—The Previous steps give you what your book title needs to be – for example, let’s use a gardening coach who wants to use her book to attract clients to expand her business. She specifically wants to work with people who want to grow fruit and vegetables. Her book title needs to make that clear and would be something like this:

“21 Gardening Questions Answered for Home Fruit & Vegetable Gardeners”
(…and to be clear, YOU decide on your book title, I do not direct you to ask ‘random’ people in social media about your book title!)


—Your book title tells you how to map out your chapters – for example, the gardening coach knows the book is about answering 21 fruit and vegetable growing questions, so she maps her chapters around what people want to know about that.


—As you decide on the title for each chapter, you know exactly what needs to go into each and what not – for example, when a chapter is called: The best types of beans to grow in the tropics – you know that the reader does not want to read about growing carrots, so you stay with what the chapter title promises. (This is also one element why clients who work with me are able to write and publish their book in just six weeks. With clarity on the topic, title and chapter headings, it is easy to stay on target when writing, instead of waiting months for ‘inspiration’ what to write for the next chapter)


—The outcome you want to achieve and the reader you are writing for tell you how to write and how to frame and phrase what you want the reader to do in response to reading your book.

For example, if there is no clear direction for the reader, they won’t know whether you want to be contacted or not and how you’d like to be contacted, if contacting you is what is right for your book.

If the book is to generate leads to grow a list, then that would be a different call to action, more like: go to this link and get XXX
(This might sound logical, but you’ll be surprised how often people add NO call to action or when writing, like to use words and phrases or lots of abbreviations they think make their book ‘sound’ more professional, without first researching into what the reader of their book wants)


—While you start writing content for each chapter of your book, we’ll design the Marketing Strategy and Steps, which are clear from what outcome you want to achieve and who you are writing for and that information also makes it clear how you place your positioning and marketing inside your book.

For example, will you use stories, or tips, a combination of both or outcomes achieved, this will depend on what the topic of your book is and where you would reach your audience, in social media only or via events?

This part is important to make your book visible and you want to spend time on this BEFORE you finish your writing because you may need to go back to point to different links or revise the call to action.


—Once the text/manuscript is complete, we’ll set up all the steps for publishing. This is super simple inside Amazon KDP for both, Kindle and Print Version, and you can do this in one ‘go’.

Amazon even has a free tool to format your pages and create your cover however I’d suggest you get your cover done with a designer, just make sure your cover is fully readable as a thumbnail online (I see so many ‘fancy’ designed book covers you can’t read the title, never mind the pre-or subtitle so people searching scroll past because the words don’t stand out!)


—Lastly, when everything is in place, LAUNCH – how exactly this is done depends entirely on who you want to attract with your book, or what the outcome is and who you wrote your book for.

Clients who work with me, start planning the launch as they start writing and are able to put it all in place, step by step, which cuts down on time for the entire process to get their book published. If you’d like to know how much time you need, when you get my help, we meet a total of seven times for 90 minutes, once a week, and you’d likely work around 2-4 hours in addition to that 90min each week, to put it all in place.

That means, all of the above is easily achieved in our 12-Weeks together)
AND none of the individual steps are a secret, as you can read up on them by searching online.

What is a ‘secret’ (when you don’t know it!) is that your entire book writing, publishing and marketing path is determined by what outcome you have in mind you want to achieve, with your book.

And that’s what makes my framework so amazingly unique, that we start with getting clear on who you are and what you want to achieve, which can be a bit difficult doing it on your own because you are looking from the inside, trying to get a 360° view , while I’m pointing out what’s on the outside: your reader…and that’s the key to achieving your outcome in mind with your book.

The reason so many books ‘don’t work’ for people, is simply they never thought about what they wanted the book to do for them and they followed the ‘traditional’ writing, publishing and marketing path, which is designed for novelists, fiction writers and people with already a famous name.
You want to achieve that ‘famous’ name with your book – therefore you need to walk this path from a different direction!

That’s what I primarily help my clients with: knowing and showing you the path, step by step, to achieve the outcome you have in mind.
I’ve done it first, three times for myself, for my own businesses and that’s what the framework is built on and has since worked for more than 800 coaches, consultants and other experts.

I hope that helps.

And if you want my help to take you through the steps in the right order and achieve the predictable outcome you have in mind with your book, just PM me back and I’ll ask you a few questions to see if we are a good fit.

And if it is a good fit, I’ll share how to get started with you, and we can set our first, personalized, one on one session, right away!

This program is like nothing I’ve seen in the Marketplace.

It truly is a full end-to-end Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing your Book System.