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SEO and Website Optimization

Today’s Topic – SEO and Website Optimization SEO has changed, dramatically, and really, this is a good thing. The good news for you is that it has changed in your favor. Google now rewards  you creating and posting great information over spam bots and link-building tricks. It’s a victory for […]

Networking Questions

Networking Questions: How to Win new Prospects and Influence them to Buy Have you asked yourself this question when you’re out and about networking? Do you have networking questions? Is networking part of your marketing mix? If not, make it, it’s powerful! What is Networking? This is how Google explains […]

3 Online Marketing Tips

Here are 3 Online Marketing Tips for you to use, right now! It’s no longer about Search Engines, it’s about your customers! You must interact with them and be visible along the path of their journey to research your product or service. Stop Search Engine Optimization and Start Online Audience Optimization […]