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3 Online Marketing Tips

Here are 3 Online Marketing Tips for you to use, right now!

It’s no longer about Search Engines, it’s about your customers! You must interact with them and be visible along the path of their journey to research your product or service. Stop Search Engine Optimization and Start Online Audience Optimization

With the huge amount of choices we have to buy, it’s no longer about a choice between a few local businesses, it’s a global choice we have. Sure, in some cases that does not apply when it comes to actually purchasing however it does apply to the information available

Tip 1

Let’s say someone is searching for shoes. They will find shoes online they can purchase from around the world. But they decide they want to buy them locally. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself as a local supplier:

  • Do you come up in the customer’s search?
  • What information do you give the customer?
  • If the customer finds shoes from an overseas supplier that are announced to have a special finish or something extra
  • Have you made sure you offer ALL the relevant information about your shoes online so the customer can compare?

Tip 2

You’ve heard it before, you’re constantly hearing it: have a mobile friendly website. What does that really mean? Let’s use this recent, real life example to explain it:

A retailer is ready to invest in new gift wrapping boxes. She’s in the shop and grabs her phone to search for suppliers. Out of 4 that come up, one still has a non mobile friendly website. That means she can’t read the text or see the items on the phone without enlarging the page and with that looses sight of the rest of the page. No time, done, if that was your supplier website, you’ve lost the sale before it even started!

It’s not just about mobile friendly it’s also about how relevant your online information is and how easily to find and see it in detail is – forget clicking on a hundred different pages to find it – the searcher wants it now!

Tip 3

You think you’ve got a great website? Was done by a ‘professional’? What is your call to action for the visitor? This is what it means: a call to action is what exactly you say on the page to the viewer that you want them do do. For example: Click Here for Details, Phone us NOW or Email us for a quote

What’s wrong with such calls to action? Nothing wrong as long as you have this in place with them:

Click Here for Details – make sure they get the details when they’ve clicked – don’t send the viewer on a ‘treasure hunt’ to find it!

Phone us NOW – make sure there is a phone number, yes, you might have one at the top of the page or at the bottom, but have one right there, with the call to action!

Email us for a quote – great BUT make sure you check your emails including spam so you do respond to enquiries and be quick! Don’t wait a week before you get back to the person enquiring!

Let me finish on this note:

  • Be consistent and be clear online
  • Be in as many places as you possibly can – online is huge!
  • Be targeted – know your customer and speak to them specifically

And yes, Social Media is still part of it! Optimize your Audience by being clear, give information and invite interaction whenever and where ever you can

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