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SEO and Website Optimization

Today’s Topic – SEO and Website Optimization

SEO has changed, dramatically, and really, this is a good thing. The good news for you is that it has changed in your favor. Google now rewards  you creating and posting great information over spam bots and link-building tricks. It’s a victory for good content and a loss for tactics of questionable nature

How should you, with great information, be approaching the search engines with your writing? And how does your website fit in here?

SEO may not be dead, but it has dramatically changed and that means there is a big opportunity for you if you are paying attention

When outlining an SEO strategy for your marketing, take a slightly different approach than what you were used to. It is probably best to begin understanding how (and why) Google is rewarding longer-form content and other content that is visually focused. Google has started to see these elements as symbols of quality, and is doing a better job of connecting search users to quality, or relevant, content

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization has always been the keywords, those words that people use to find your content in search but understand:

Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimzation go hand in hand. In todays Marketing Minutes we describe 3 Easy Steps for you to take and help Google select your site and page to come up when the topic or information on your site is asked for by a searcher

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