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Trust in Advertising – Do you have it?

The recent global Nielsen survey into consumer trust of advertising revealed a few interesting points

The Nielsen consumer research company conducted this survey online across 58 countries and revealed that consumer trust in online advertising has increased since 2007 but they don’t trust ads on social networks yet

Lets go over a number of the outcomes from this survey

1. Word of Mouth

Still the most influential and most trusted source of ‘advertising’. If you have not made this part of your marketing, start now and create a customer referral system for your business, then watch customer numbers and sales increase

2. Online Recommendations

You’ve probably heard this one before, people are keen to hear what others are saying about a product, company or service. This trust turns into action taking and you can expect sales from this type of advertising. How is this advertising, you might ask? This should be part of your customer referral system. Encouraging your most loyal customers to ‘talk’ about you online

3. TV Advertising

The most costly and also most action creating form of advertising. Companies that have the budget to advertise on TV will see a return. The Nielsen survey showed that consumers trust TV advertising and then go and take action. The action almost always includes some online research first, though. Can you tap into this as a small business? Yes, if you can get your product or service into one of the ‘report’ programs with a newsworthy angle you’ve got it made. Actually paying for TV advertising is affordable for small business usually only on country channels

4. Website Ads

Online Ads on Branded sites are right behind word of mouth recommendations when it comes to consumer trust. Here is your opportunity to be seen and become a recognized brand – getting a banner ad, and better even, in conjunction with a short article about you, your product or service, online is the way to get new sales!

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The most interesting outcome of the Nielsen survey was perhaps this point:

Athletes endorsing products leaves the consumer cold….there’s big money being spent that’s not really returning!



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