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What is the Right Marketing to Sell your Business?

The Time is right for Baby Boomers:

From Selling Diamonds to Selling Business – you need the Right Marketing!

Selling her Diamond Jewellery Business for double her investment, at a time when other Jewellers simply closed theirs down, Sigrid de Kaste knows how to engage the Power of Marketing when preparing to sell!

Marketing Selling Diamonds and Selling your Business

3 times #1 Bestselling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant and Coach, Sigrid de Kaste founded Stickybeak Marketing after formally studying marketing and personally experiencing the power of marketing in starting up, expanding, and selling her own businesses is ready to show business owners how to set up and sell their business and retire!

According to the Australian bureau of statistics, only 21% of business owners successfully sell their company. That means 80% of small to medium-sized business might not fund their retirement

“When I was ready to sell my Diamond Jewellery Store, I consulted with Accountants. They gave me expensive benchmarking reports that helped on the facts and figures side but did little to emotionally engage a buyer – and from my Marketing expertise I know that people buy on emotion!”

When Sigrid de Kaste connected with Social Media Marketing Specialist Sharon MacLean in Canada, they discovered similarities in their client base and the need for business owners to Marketing Prepare businesses before they get listed for sale

Sigrid and Sharon complement each-others’ marketing expertise and have created a Proven 7-Step System to Prepare your business for Sale

Sharon and Sigrid

“I needed systems for my plan to improve the margins and prepare my Diamond Jewellery Store for sale,” says Sigrid.

” And Sharon and I know that established programs give a clear sense of how a business operates.”

“If you aren’t tracking and organizing your internal processes – in your way of doing things – how will the new owners know which steps to take once they take over?

These are integral steps for any business owner to follow when they decide it’s time to find a buyer. And the time might be now!

  • There are an estimated 29.6 million small firms in the U.S.
  • A total of 5,383 sold during the first two quarters of 2018
  • This puts the year on pace to surpass 2017’s record-high of 9,919 transactions

“Especially now when the markets have improved for an exit, Sharon and I say, Baby Boomers prepare and sell!”

The pair have created a 7-Step System that offers business owners how to set up their business for sale over 7 weeks in easy to participate in, online sessions. Participants also have access to all the steps, video instructions, tips, tools and worksheets online to work on their business in their own time.

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