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Something you should know about my Program

Something you should know about my Program

Here is something you should know about my program… when people want to write a book and come to me with their idea I always give them a couple of links to Videos and Posts I’ve written around my specific writing framework and it is great when they actually watch/read the material and get back to me, either with: “Yes, that’s what I want, when can I start” or they say: “I see, that’s not what I’m at yet”…and I can let them go until they are ready to come back.

There is no hard-sell from me because there is no point, in my opinion, and here is why:

One particular key component you should have in place when you want my help to write & publish a book that is to market you, position your expertise and help you boost your brand, is to already be established in your business, as that serves you getting clear on the topic to write about and being clear on your topic (I help you with that) allows you to complete writing within the six weeks that we spend together, when joining my program.


Most people who think about writing, only think about that part, writing, but if you want people to see and read your book, this is important:


1.- Whatever it is you offer/talk about, who you are, is established and ‘works’, makes it a ‘marketable, and ‘readable’ book (unless you are already ‘famous’, in which case, you’d be bombarded by publishers to get the rights to publish and market your book!)

…and by the way, writing a book with the idea of ‘making money from the sales of the book’ requires a specific and different way of writing it to having your book show your expertise and with the book attract people to want to work with you, because of your book.

(Most ‘book coaches’ ‘bundle’ it all together because all they teach is the writing and give no thought to how you’re going to market your book once it’s published)


2.- If you are in an established business and you may want to change direction and establish a new path via the book (which I did three times, that is, with each of my books, for example, moving from retail into consulting) having been established in business is therefore your foundation and moving into a new area of your expertise you already have, is a great way to use a book to promote yourself.


3.- And in the context of this post, writing a book purely about an ‘idea’ or ‘message of personal experience’ without a business, requires a very specific approach and direction to get a return on your investment (when you get help to write & publish your book) and it is fine if you have a ‘big picture’ in mind and is certainly something I can help you with. (you’ll need a big marketing budget, though)

I hope that helps, and if you’re thinking about writing a book and want my help, simply PM me and I message to see if my program is a good fit.

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