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Good Enough


Good Enough
Where did the Idea not Everyone is Good Enough
                        to Write a Book, come from? 
…and why it is as outdated as
                     Horse & Cart as Mode of Transport!

In a conversation with a couple of Consultants recently, they both said:

“I’d love to write a Book, it would be such a great way to show what I know about Executive Coaching and how I help my Clients…BUT… I don’t know if I am good enough. I am worried about what my peers might say!”

Now, some people might say, that’s just a mindset problem – sure, the mindset has something to do with it but it goes much deeper and further into the past.

When you think about who the first people were who knew how to write and why they wrote, it was always about writing, recording, very important information for the population to know and generations to come, to know about.

Those ‘scribes’ were highly esteemed, it took many years for them to be trained and educated how to write and the text had to always be in a certain, specified way!

With the Advent of the Printing Press, those tedious hours, days, weeks and years of writing a manuscript became a thing of the past but the status of Authorship stayed strong!

Only people of ‘standing’, with something considered important, to say, would get to publish their Manuscript as a Book.

In the process, Publishers were established. Authors had to be ‘approved’ by the Publishing House in order to have their work published as a Book.

So many wonderful manuscripts, and talented people, would never have their works see the light of day, so to speak, because Publishing Houses yielded the Power of Dream come true or Death to the Manuscript!

In having such decision making power, the status of Authorship always maintained it’s glamour and Expert standing.

…and that Expert Status, being the Authority as an Author, has been maintained with the advancement to the self-publishing platforms, of which Amazon was the first to provide this.

This makes every Author equally worthy and important to publish their work, no matter the Topic!

My own three books, each written for a different audience and purpose, have helped business owners to get to know new and specific methods I offer.

The first book I wrote was in response to so many business owners around me at the time, complaining about issues with their staff. I never had staff issues! My team, I had retail shops when I first went into business, my team was always willing, able and loyal and did more than asked of them.

That’s what I wrote my first book about and it returned me 5 Staff Management Contracts in the first week of having published it!

I wrote my second book when I built my Marketing Agency, Stickybeak Marketing. I used that book to increase my prospect list and got approx 1 new client each week as a direct result of that book.

My third book was designed to offer an introduction and overview of ‘building’ a book in order to build a business and lead prospects to monthly webinars, at the time.

That personal experience of writing and publishing my own works inspired me to make it possible for others in Business, specifically established Coaches and Consultants with a proven Expertise, to have their methods seen and read by prospects they are looking for to serve.

The really amazing thing is, the method of writing and publishing has become simpler and simpler and with the power of marketing at it’s foundation, able to be distributed to a global audience!

When I shared my own story of publishing with the Consultants, the fear of ‘not being good enough’ disappeared.

Think about it, we’ve moved from horse and cart to much faster and more convenient ways of transport. That does not make transport less important, in fact, the opposite, it is more important than ever to be moving around in a global world of business.

And exactly that’s why I created my method of writing, publishing and marketing a Book in 6-Weeks or less in a way the Book is fully Optimized for Attracting Paying Clients, Dream Projects and High Profit Business Opportunities.

And I specifically designed it for Established Coaches and Consultants who are getting great results with their Clients and know it is time to spread their knowledge further and wider, like the ones I shared this history story with!

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