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A thing that makes me sad

A thing that makes me Sad

If there’s one thing that makes me really, really sad, that is that so many well established, highly knowledgeable coaches & consultants are NOT starting to write that book they’ve been thinking about writing because they secretly fear the book might not turn out ‘good enough’ and so they use the excuse: “I’ll get started on my book when I’ve got more time.”

The truth is…you will NEVER have more time unless you MAKE the time!

I know, if this is you, you’re now saying: “You don’t know how busy I am, and my clients always come first. Writing a book takes time, everyone knows that, and I’m not going to rush it and then get bad reviews!”

Literally, most people are ‘brainwashed’ to believe that it takes a lot of time, and those people who’ve already written a book and took months or years, to complete theirs, will agree that it took time, of course!

But here is the thing, taking your time, writing for months or years, is only ONE way to write a book.

There are always two sides to a coin, a back and a front to the mirror, an advanced way of doing something…you get what I’m saying?

It took me some time to work out WHY it takes so many people so long to write their expert status, brand building book, partly because I made the same mistakes with my first book, and then because so many published authors came to me for help, who made exactly those mistakes, over and over, that I designed and tested my unique start-to-finish proven framework from planning and writing your book, through to publishing and marketing it (including editing, layouts, and formatting). We leave nothing out!

(For context, I wrote my very first book in 2010 and started work on my book writing framework in 2014)

Here is one example of these mistakes, the biggest one, and that is to start writing because you have an idea.

You thought about a topic and simply start writing and writing, hoping an editor will later re-arrange your words and chapters to make sense for your reader.

Writing a book by simply starting and perhaps with nothing more than a mind map or post it notes on the wall, will definitely take you a looooong time to finish your book, like for me, with my very first book, which took me more than 8 months to complete, and here is why:

I did a weekend course and writing a book was part of it, which gave me the idea, at the time, to get away from my retail businesses and move into consulting.

The course only gave an overview of the writing & publishing process and we were told to ‘just write’ and then come back for editing (which was obviously a service these people provided).

Without any further direction at this course, about how to write, how to know what chapter titles and content to include and how many pages would be a good size book, I wrote and wrote, constantly stopping because I did not know what else to put into the book, not knowing if I’d written enough or if I made my points clear enough!

After eight months of writing with no direction I finally stopped and turned to my marketing expertise, looking at the entire way of writing through the lens of what I wanted to achieve with the book and who would read it.

That was the start of developing my book writing & publishing a marketing optimized book framework, because I realized the three stages:


…a book are interconnected and when you separate them…

Firstly, it will take a long time to write your book

Secondly, it will take even more time when you have to re-write parts of it

Thirdly, you will have a very difficult time, in some cases ‘impossible’ time, to market your book!

The point is, your book idea might be brilliant and really something that you can help a lot of people who will read your book with, BUT if those people don’t get to know that your book exists, it won’t help them.

People who get my help writing their book always start with a deep dive into what outcome they wish to achieve by writing their book.

That deep dive gives you the clue to what to write about and who you want to write your book for, which seems for some people to be obvious until they actually answer my questions around the outcome they have in mind and discover that not ‘everyone’ is the right reader for their book and that they had not considered where that reader would be looking for the topic they want to write the book about.

People who work with me and use my framework discover very quickly that the clarity of why they want to write and who to write for makes it really fast and easy to write and complete their book.

It’s like a recipe, when you follow a recipe you don’t have to go to the shops time and time again to find what to buy to make a tasty dish, but you buy the ingredients for that particular recipe. You can alter the spices, make it more or less spicey, to your taste.

In the same way, my program provides the framework to write, publish and market your book, what exactly needs to go into your book and how much information is determined by what you want to achieve with your book and who will want to read it and you adjust it to your ‘taste’ by the way you direct the reader to take an action.

The ‘Magical’ Solution, as some people who’ve worked with me have called it, is to start with determining what outcome you want to achieve by writing your book.

Every person has a different outcome in mind and each outcome requires a different writing path.

I hope that helps to get you started with your book and if you’d like my help, my program is a start-to-finish proven framework from planning and writing your book, through to publishing and marketing it and fits neatly into 6-Weeks to complete.

The price point is mid four figures and is unrivalled in the book coaching and publishing world because it includes creating your marketing path.

The program gets the best results for established coaches (getting great results for their clients) who now want to share their expertise more widely.

If interested in getting my help, simply PM me and we’ll have a chat to see if your book idea is a good fit, and here is my framework CLICK to get there.

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