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What’s a Keyword and Where do I Find it? How Keywords help you make Sales and How to use the Keyword Tool In this presentation we discuss: Why Keywords need to be correctly selected by YOU How Keywords impact on nearly all your Marketing Material What you can do right […]


How to Venture into Google World Top 3 Google Tools every Business Needs This event covers: Why Google is the Platform to be on How it impacts your Business and Website Ranking What you can achieve with integrating Google Hangouts   This is a LIVE Event held every Tuesday…the latest […]


Top 3 Google Tools Every Business Needs by Sigrid de Kaste Have you heard about Google+ and what it does? We all know Google when we want to find something…..we simply”Google it’ right? Well there is a whole lot more to Google and it keeps just getting better by the […]


Social Media for Local Business – Where to Start and What to Post Are you asking yourself these questions: What really is Social Media ….and is it for me? Where do I need to be and where not? What do I post and how long does it all take? This […]

You and LinkedIn

How is LinkedIn Transforming Companies? by Sigrid de Kaste LinkedIn put together a visual story of how LinkedIn users are transforming their businesses and they’ve done a pretty good job! In this slideshow LinkedIn focuses on 3 main areas: Hire – Marketing – Sell Are these three areas you’d like […]