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When is the ‘RIGHT’​ time to write your Book

When is the ‘RIGHT’​ time to write your Book?

If you’re waiting for it to be ‘the right time’ to start writing your book, you may end up like me this last week.

I was waiting for the ‘right time’ to do the washing to avoid the rain.

You see, the weather bureau predicted rain every day and so I did not put the load of washing in, waiting for the weather prediction for the next day, and the next day and while the weather forecast for each day was rain, each day actually turned out to be a fine, sunny day.

Perfect for doing and drying the washing!

You can wait for the ‘right time’ to write your book, and the ‘right time’ for you may be ‘when you have MORE TIME’

…and that might never be the case because you’re great at what you do and more and more clients come to you so you’re always ‘working’ and there just isn’t ‘more time’!

Or you might be waiting for ‘inspiration’ to know what to write your book about –

…and that moment of ‘inspiration’ might be so fleeting, you won’t catch it! You wake up one morning and have this fantastic idea and you might even keep this idea in mind until you reach your computer and then, as you touch the keyboard, this ‘inspiration’ has ‘puffed’ into thin air. GONE!

Or you might be waiting until you KNOW how to get your book idea on to the page…

…and that might become so confusing when you hear and read about so many different methods how to do that!

One source says to ‘just start’ writing while another says start planning, using sticky notes plastered all over your office wall, and yet another source might say to get some ‘buddies’ to hold you accountable to write.

Each one claims to be the right way.


What’s the solution?

Find someone to help you and GET STARTED NOW writing your book!


For example, if you are a single minded, successful coach or consultant with a deep desire to get your clients to achieve results with your proven method and people who love to work with you are amazed about your personal story and your expertise and many of them say:

“You should write a book, so more people get to know about you and your amazing work!”

…then I can help you in this way:


My personally proven book writing framework helps you BUY BACK time, allowing you writing in the most efficient, least time-consuming, ‘staying in your flow’, way.


You’ll be following a ‘map’ which we design together in our very first, one on one session, and it’s like a personalized ‘paint by numbers’ canvas, WITHOUT it being a generic ‘template’!


I give you my personally proven formula and framework that brings the entire process of writing together:

You’ll use this ‘map’ first to plan and write your book, smooth and ‘in the flow’ of your expertise. Then it takes you through the process of publishing, including editing, layouts, and formatting, so it’s also visually professional.

And lastly, marketing, the part that helps you reach more people, raise your profile, and position your expertise. We leave nothing out!


…EXCEPT we do leave out the pain of confusion how and where to start writing and the overwhelm of ‘what next’ because you’ll avoid the mistakes so many people make, mistakes which create fear and frustration and can make it a long and exhausting journey to write & finish your book!


I’ve created my Book Writing Program so that you get:

– A smooth and simple writing process to stay in the flow of your expertise, instead of fear and confusion over WHAT to write, how much to write and exactly when to stop writing.

I know from personal experience, how confusing and ‘stuck’ you can get when you don’t know how to make your writing ‘flow’!

-A complete publishing path that keeps you in control and decision making over your book title, cover look, inside book ‘look’ instead of having people who know nothing about your expertise and business change your book cover, title and chapter lay-out.

I discovered the pain of a book ‘flop’ because the publisher changed my book cover and title of my first book!


-The perfect launch and marketing strategy to have people line up to want your book, get new clients without price objections, whatever it is YOU want your book to do for you, instead of publishing and then it all STOPS because you don’t know what to do next.

This entire program is based on my personal experience writing and publishing three International #1 Bestsellers, of which each book built one of my businesses and one book gained 5 high-ticket consulting contracts in the first week of publishing it!


I’m happy to say, I have for you now an efficient, minimal time-consuming way to write your authority, credibility and respect up leveling (and client attracting!) book in a smooth, simple & effective way.

Just imagine how it feels when you’ll hold your book in your hands fast, ready to promote it to your eager readers.


If that’s something you’d like to experience, simply send me a PM and we’ll have a messenger chat to see if you’re a good fit.

My on-boarding process is straight forward, and you can start writing once we know you’re a good fit to get results, getting your book written and published, ready for marketing it in February 2022!

…or you can keep ‘waiting for the right time’ and watch others have their book ready, raising their profile and being praised for their excellent work.

The choice is yours.

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