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Two Ways Marketing You


Let’s Compare two ways to market your expertise…

Market Your Expertise two Ways


#1 – The most used approach is to get the most amount of prospects:

People who want to get more clients make “list building” posts saying “Want my free training on how to get from overwhelm to calm in 5 minutes a day?”

Then PM all 200 people who respond to the post.

Send these people to your free training which gives a broad spectrum overview, but not a lot of detail on your approach to getting rid of overwhelm.

Usually less than 10% of them actually watch the training.

Maybe a few, 2 or 3 of them eventually book sales calls.

On the call they’re still doubtful that your method will help them or that they even understand what the method is.

Most give price objections or say they need to think about it. Maybe one signs up.

This is the ‘sales’ numbers game. Many sales coaches or people teaching specifically on sales, objection handling and closing will tell you this is the way to get clients and it is simply a matter of practice to get better at it and ‘convert’ more prospects to clients.
That’s one way for professionals like Accountants, Financial Advisers, or coaches and consultants doing Health & Wellness work, like Energy Therapy, Pain Relief Work, or People working on Mindset, like NLP, Trauma Therapy, Money Matters, can get more clients.

Approach #2:

Write and publish a marketing optimized book in 6-weeks or less that speaks directly to that very person you know you already have as an ideal client, that person who happily pays you to eliminate their overwhelm and gets results.

Describe in your book exactly what your approach is to eliminate overwhelm in 5 min a day, or not just once, but once and for all. (If that’s what you do)

Make a specific offer at the end of every chapter, for example, to personally help people with this process and invite them to contact you in a specific way.

Get 5-10 people contact you regularly when you promote the book in exactly the places you know to find these people, the ones who need your specific help.

(You will research in session two and three of my write & publish a marketing optimized book in 6-weeks or less, where exactly to find these people to buy your book)

Enroll 2-3 of them within a couple of days, with ease, and in most cases without a sales call because they feel clear about what your method is and how it will help them and so they don’t have heaps of questions about it.


Approach #2 is, obviously, a lot smoother and faster.

Most coaches and consultants doing Health & Wellness work, like Energy Therapy, Pain Relief Work, or People working on Mindset, like NLP, Trauma Therapy, Money Matters are told by their coaches and mentors to use Approach #1.

They are told when they get a lot of ‘no’s’, or price objections, it’s a matter of their mindset and they need to remove those blocks!

Showing your expertise as the Author of a book that shows off your knowledge and expertise, is a much better way, less time and anxiety involved!


If you’re just talking about what you do in your book, and many of above mentioned coaches & consultants do, or describe a very broad approach how you can help people, and not much else, you’ll always end up resorting to the ‘long way around’ with hype and sales ‘funnels’ and numbers (i.e. trying to get as many sales calls as possible).

But if you’re willing to do Approach #2… write a Book that sets you apart and really, really shows your expertise in detail (and up front, not making people guess and having to go through sales call hoops, before you’ll reveal it), you’ll regularly get a steady stream of high-quality leads who are ready to invest in your expert help.

That’s a way of using a book as your Authority, Expertise and Marketing tool that markets you, not a book that’s another thing in your business that needs to be marketed!

You can make $1M if your offers are priced and designed strategically for leverage and you focus on your very best, your ideal clients. This is the path I’m helping people with, to write & publish a marketing optimized book in 6-weeks or less.

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