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Is SEO Dead

Is SEO Dead?…asks Stickybeak Marketing

by Sigrid de Kaste Have you asked yourself is SEO Dead or any of these Questions:

  • What really is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • How different is SEO now from how it was before?
  • How can you change your SEO with these new alterations?

Have you ever wanted to understand exactly what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is? Are you interested in the recent changes to the structure of SEO and SEO companies? Have these new changes affected you and/or your business in a negative way? In this session Stickybeak Marketing is exploring all aspects of SEO and how it is considered ‘dead’ in the Marketing Industry       Get Stickybeak Marketing to help you one on one to assess how SEO will work for you now. Contact us for a 30min FREE overview or jump right in and get your strategy and plan set up professionally with Stickybeak Marketing SEO is Dead- You need the New SEO…!

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