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Plan your Book for Impact


How do you know your book will make an impact?

Does it happen by ‘chance, or because you get it professionally edited or…WHAT is involved?

Some people who want to write a book put great emphasis on how they are going to write their book and think the impact they would like to make in the world with their book relies on writing chapter after chapter, slowly, with a lot of consideration what they are writing and having an editor by their side to correct, re-arrange, and re-word what they are writing, will bring about the impact they are seeking.

That is WRONG!

In my experience, when people DO achieve a certain outcome, they do so because they set up the framework to achieve that outcome.

For example, Tony Robbins did not get to be world famous and have his books be top of well known bestseller lists (like New York Times Bestseller) without planning for it.

And he certainly did NOT just write a ‘readable’ book by chance or made editors responsible for how ‘good’ and ‘readable’ his books are, but a clearly defined and well-planned marketing strategy was decided on and put in place BEFORE any of his books hit the market.

Writing your book and wanting to make an impact with it are part of thinking about and planning for HOW you are going to market it and that is the very reason I developed my book writing framework as a complete program that starts with clearly defining your outcome in mind, then writing your book and self-publishing it so you have full control over every aspect of your published book and specifically planning the strategy (your marketing) HOW you are going to reach the reader of your book to read it!

For example: “What do you want to achieve by writing your book?”, is the very first question clients of mine work out and often are surprised to discover how defining that question leads them to seeing what topic and even what book title they need and who the reader of their book will be.

The impact my clients want to make with their book, and the impact you have in mind for your book, will be felt by the READER of the book, so you need to be clear on WHO this reader will be and how you can achieve an impact and that you need to plan for.

I know, I know…a lot of people who enquire about my book writing & publishing a ‘marketing optimized’ book are concerned about the ‘marketing’ and sometimes say:

“I don’t want to use my book for marketing”

BUT that is beside the point – you CANNOT make anything visible, specially in our fast paced world where people scroll through the social media feed with the speed of light.

The ONLY way to STOP the social media feed scroll and make an impact with your book is when you plan for what that impact is to be, and to achieve the impact requires ‘marketing’, to be more precise, a marketing strategy and clients who get my help, virtually ‘build’ that marketing strategy into their book, from the very beginning and throughout the six weeks we work together.

These are three things that I do differently, when people get my help writing and publishing their book:

1.- Before writing even ONE word of their book, my clients work on getting focused on what specifically they want to achieve with their book. The focus on the outcome they want to achieve determines what they need to write the book about and it determines exactly what needs to go into each chapter, which in turn, makes it so fast to write the entire book (six weeks) and simple to do (it’s all ‘mapped out’, like a personalized ‘paint by numbers’ canvas, NOT post-it notes!) without it being a generic ‘template’.

2.- I teach all (3) three Pillars of getting your Book in Place:
1) I teach how to Write the Book,
2) I teach you how to Publish the Book
3) I teach you the Marketing Strategy to use your Book for your specific Purpose,
…all in the one program, which makes it a fast and smooth experience.

3.- The proven framework my clients learn to write their book with, comes with easy online access to all materials needed so the client can:
a. re-visit the steps they took anytime,
b. can take charge of any revisions or updates within their book and
c. write any amount of books in the future, if they wish to.


My Book Writing Program takes the confusion, fear and frustration out of all three pillars of Authorship: writing, publishing and marketing your book to be recognized as the Expert and Authority you are in a way that it gives your method further credibility and makes an Impact.

The program I’ve developed is based on my personal experience writing and publishing three international #1 bestsellers, of which one gained 5 high-ticket consulting contracts in the first week of publishing it!

Whether you want to share your message to more people, have the book for a deep, inner satisfaction of being an author or want to feel validated in your knowledge and expertise, my program covers it and it is best suited for Coaches, Consultants and People with a Proven Expertise who are established in their Business and have proven Results in what they want to write about.

If that is you and you are thinking about writing a book and would like my help, simply PM me.

I’ll ask you a few quick questions over Messenger to see if you’re a good candidate to get the best results.

If yes, I’ll invite you in. The enrolment process takes just a few minutes and we can get you on my schedule for our initial one-on-one session ASAP.

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