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How do you know your book will make an impact?

Does it happen by ‘chance, or because you get it professionally edited or…WHAT is involved?

Some people who want to write a book put great emphasis on how they are going to write their book and think the impact they would like to make in the world with their book relies on writing chapter after chapter, slowly, with a lot of consideration what they are writing and having an editor by their side to correct, re-arrange, and re-word what they are writing, will bring about the impact they are seeking.

That is WRONG!

In my experience, when people DO achieve a certain outcome, they do so because they set up the framework to achieve that outcome.

For example, Tony Robbins did not get to be world famous and have his books be top of well-known bestseller lists (like New York Times Bestseller) without planning for it.

And he certainly did NOT just write a ‘readable’ book by chance or made editors responsible for how ‘good’ and ‘readable’ his books are, but a clearly defined and well-planned marketing strategy was decided on and put in place BEFORE any of his books hit the market.

(Yes, I do know this for sure from a reliable source close to him)

Writing your book and wanting to make an impact with it are part of thinking about and planning for HOW you are going to market it and that is the very reason I developed my book writing framework as a complete program that starts with clearly defining the outcome you have in mind, and by that I mean, what it is you want to happen as a result of writing your book.

For example: “What do you want to achieve by writing your book?”, is the very first question clients of mine work out and often are surprised to discover how defining that question leads them to seeing what topic and even what book title they need and who the reader of their book will be.

The impact you have in mind for your book will be felt by the READER of the book so you need to be clear on WHO this reader will be and how you can achieve the impact you have in mind so that you can plan for it.

(“helping more people with your book” does NOT work! You must be clear on who these ‘people’ are!)

For example, when I wrote my first book, I wanted to move into consulting on an expertise I’d discovered I have while owning and growing several retail businesses previously.

I wanted the book to help me attract small business owners who struggle with finding and keeping loyal staff members and get these business owners to hire me as their consultant to set up productive teams.

Digging deep with questions to get this clarity and detail about the impact of your book sets you up for each and every next step in the writing, publishing and marketing process of your book and here is why:

Once I knew the outcome I wanted to achieve with my book, it was clear who the reader would be: small, local business owners in a business of a size similar to the one’s I had owned.

This knowledge set me up for knowing what possible title my book would need to have to catch the attention of these business owners.

And that knowledge in turn, knowing the reader – or in other words, the ‘ideal client’ of my book, allowed me insight into exactly what to write in each chapter of my book.

When you know your ideal client, you know what they are looking for, what problem they have that you can solve and what your specific solution to that problem is.

You’re doing that right now to get clients, aren’t you? Getting to know who your ideal client is and ‘marketing’ your solution to them in the words they understand?
(If you’re not doing that right now, here might be your problem of why you are not getting all the clients you want!)

Starting on your book in this way, getting clear on what outcome you want to achieve, is key to the framework I’ve set up and used personally with each of my three books.

This first book was planned to have the impact of setting me up as an authority on team building and getting hired by small, local businesses of around the size of my own previously owned businesses, and it achieved exactly that: I got $25,000 worth of consulting contracts in the very first week of publishing!

I’ve improved on this framework ever since with every client and no matter what coaching or consulting niche you are in, the principle to achieve the outcome you have in mind and the impact you want to make, follows the same steps.

It is not enough to ‘hope’ your book will make an impact, it is essential that you plan for the impact and that planning is an interconnected process where the writing meets up with the publishing and the marketing strategy to support it all.

And coaches who tell me:

“I don’t want to use my book for marketing”

…completely misunderstand how impact comes about.

When you are in business, everything you do, you write and you say, including the way you dress has an impact on your business and is part of marketing!

So, if writing a book has been on your mind and you’re thinking you want your book to make an impact, getting my help will show you how YOU can make an impact with your book.

The first session, 1:1 with me, we’ll dig deep into why you want to write your book, how that fits into what you’re doing in your business right now and what impact specifically you’ll want to make with your book.

Over the following 12-Weeks, we’ll work together bi-weekly in a small group (no more than 5 people) and you’ll continue to have my full attention, guiding you through the steps of writing your book, chapter by chapter, simple and easy.

And unlike loads of people who focus on getting a publisher, taking months to get replies to their publishing application, and with that waste precious time to get the book to readers,

…in my program I’ll show you step-by-step how to publish your book on Amazon (the multi-million member and global buyer platform), in both versions, Print and Kindle.

This is a simple, straight forward process aided by online, professional formatting tools directly offered by Amazon and I’ll show you how to use these tools.

Your book launch strategy will be ready to activate and built on achieving exactly the outcome you wish to achieve with your book.

For example, you would have created anticipation from the start of working with me to gain maximum excitement on launch day.

Or you may have interviews and media statements at hand if your outcome is to stand out as the expert and get paid speaking engagements. We design your launch strategy with the impact you want to achieve in mind.

If this resonates with you and you are thinking about writing a book and would like my help, simply PM me.

I’ll ask you a few quick questions over Messenger to see if you’re a good candidate to get the best results.

If yes, I’ll invite you in. The enrollment process takes just a few minutes and we can get you on my schedule for our initial one-on-one session ASAP.

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